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i have a strand 300 series console, 2 technobeams, and several other fixtures, i need to create the illusion a building is on fire. any help would be appreciated. if it it spossilbe without buy, renting or building that would be great, if not please include references to instructions

thanks gusy
don't know if it's any help but I remember writing something in adding it to others on some what was it forest fire or something like that a few months ago. Perhaps a search into what I posted or fire might pull up past postings on it.
theres a flicker FX? ive never found one.
i nvere found that effect either, can you tell me where it is

i guess its time i start considering renting/spending money on this
Is the effect for the front of a building or inside (i.e. lights and smoke behind the set)?
thanks guys, i never realized there were so many ways to do this. i only knew about the glass gobos n flicker boxes that can be bought

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