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Is there any difference in size between a PAR 64 frame and an 8" Fresnel frames?


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Most Gel frame for really cheap pars are hexagonal, but that is not a standard. If you are using PAR 64's then the color frames should be the same size as an 8 inch fesnel, 10" x 10".


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Really the only difference in gel frames is the 7.5" frames used for ETC pars. They are cut a bit larger which lets a bit more light through. But you can mix and match 10" frames, 7.5" frames, and 6.25 frames as you please, just keep in mind the ETC par thing.


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The rule of thumb regarding lamp sizes does not apply to gel frames, as it is completely dependant upon the maker of the PAR or Fresnel. While you can use the formula for figuring bulb diameters, you cannot accurately find the gel frame size.

For example;

PAR 16 is 3.0 inch gel frame
PAR 20 is 3.25 inch gel frame - 2.375 inch opening
PAR 30 is 4.375 inch
PAR 36 is 6.25 inch
PAR 38 is either 6 inch or 7.50 inch gel frame
PAR 46 is either 6.25 inch or 7.5 inch
PAR 56 is either 7.5 inch or (MBT) 9 inch
PAR 64 is 10.0 inch

Also- most gel frames are square, while budget frames are hexagonal. The yield per sheet of aluminum/sheet metal is higher when arranging for this odd size.

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