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Hello, I'm a new ControlBooth member

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by teqniqal, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. teqniqal

    teqniqal Well-Known Member

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    Theatre Consultant
    Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas
    I am a Theatre Consultant with over 30 years of experience designing facilities and systems. I have knowledge in the areas of acoustics & noise control, sound, video, projection, lighting, dimming, rigging, stage machinery, seating, and draperies. I am a member of USITT, USITT Southwest, and TETA. I am currently working with UIL and TETA on improving Theatre Safety awareness. I have a Theatre Safety Blog HERE, at ( Please feel free to visit and leave comments.
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  2. DaveySimps

    DaveySimps CBMod CB Mods Premium Member

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    Performing Arts Center Manager
    Macomb, MI
    Welcome Erich! Great to have you here. Be sure to check out the Wiki and the search function. If you would not mind telling us where you heard about the site, that would be great. We can be a nosy bunch around here. Enjoy CB!

  3. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    We've been waiting for you, teqniqal. I'm sure you can be our great benefit to our Wiki, see as well as the Collaborative Articles section.

    Safety is important to all of us, and to that end, FAQ/Content Policies/Safety:
    I saw your post to this thread: The problem we've had in the past is that any safety discussion also involves describing unsafe practices, which either 1) puts ideas in people's heads or 2) could create a liability issue for Control Booth. Any question that begins with "Is it safe to..." is always a difficult one to answer.

    Anyway, welcome to the Booth, and we're glad you're here. I like your blog.:) (For some reason, the link wasn't working, so I added another.)
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