Help. Programming a computer board


This is about as basic a question as there is. I am a set designer, and vounteered to help my daugter's high school with the lighting.

Someone dropped off a NSI NCM 7232 computer board (don't even know who) and I can run the thing manually but I haven't a clue how to program it. I will have a student operator so am trying to make it a simple push a button affair for him.

Can someone give me the rudimentary basics?

I have to try to get the cues programmed in tomorrow after noon.

Thanks, Will
go to NSI/Leviton (Control Mfr..) And look for the manual for your light board. This should be the easiest way of getting the info because in general a manual will be the best resource for it in the long run. Otherwise, if they don’t have a PDF of it listed, contact customer support and you can purchase one for the cost of the photo copy, labor plus fax or postage. Next best choice.

After that, assuming you can run it as a two scene preset, and don’t have time, perhaps you can cue it as a manual board. Good education, plus you can make nuances in design without adding cues.

Look at it this way, once you figure out the light board, it's going to be a unified design. That's fun.
Thanks, Ship.

I had found the website, but they didn't have a manual for the board. I guess I will send off an email. Unfortunately, I don't have much turn around time, but I will also try a phone call in the morning.

I have a student op who is also doubling as the page turner for the pianist. Ah, the joys of high school theater! :D I don't think manual control, other than up and down and perhaps warm and cools, is an option unless I'm willing to babysit it myself, which is probably not practical.
NSI generally has a good service/support staff. It should be possible to fax you a copy but it might cost you a few dollars in doing so.

Another option is to go to prosound lighting and stagecraft and ask if anyone has a manual, or do a search on either for the last time someone was in your shoes in needing a manual right away. At that point just contact the person that had one off that reply.

What the piano player can't adjust levels and play at the same time? Get an organist instead. or tape a pencil to the person's hand. Rough settings are good settings frequently on a two scene preset. But I understand the trouble.

If it's any help I have a MC 7008. The general functions will probably be similar and it might get you close enough to figuring it out. Once you figure it out you can tell me. Had the board for about 6 years now and the only time I had it programmed, I handed the manual to my assistant and had her program it for me. The younger the are, the easier they can figure out such things.

If you don't make headway E-Mail me and we can coordinate me faxing you a copy of at least this boards manual if not someone else here having a more complex board even of the same 7200 series faxing you a copy. The amount of channels would be the only real difference after the initial series numbers.
If it's anything like the MC 7524 that we have, good luck understanding the ridiculously stupid methodology NSI has for cuing.

What you do is set a look with your faders, pick a page with the softkey and record a submaster (Hit Record, then hit the bump button for the sub). Write down what that submaster was. When you've recorded each and every distinct cue into a seperate submaster, then you record a stack (Record, Stack Go, follow the prompts)

It's just stupid. But, it's cheap, so it must be good, right? Sorry. Just bitter.

Oh yeah, if your OS chip is older than 1.30 don't edit and then record from stage, you'll corrupt your memory. There's a few other triggers. So, make sure you have the latest OS.

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