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I am reading a book called "Lighting the Shakespearean Stage" by R.B. Graves (or R.E. Graves depending on which search engine you use) Its very interesting. I also have "Interior Lighting for Designers" by Gary Gordon & James L. Nuckolls. Its more architectual lighting, but there are some great reference charts in the book dealing with lamps, colors, and temperatures.

Anybody else have any good lighting books to recommend?
These are a few books that you might want to look into reading:

Stage Lighting Design
Richard Pilbrow

Lighting Technology - A Guide for the Entertainment Industry
Brian Fitt and Joe Thornley (Focal Press)

Stage Lighting Controls
Ulf Sandstrom (Focal Press)

Concert Lighting - Techniques, Art and Business
James L Moody (Focal Press)

Set Lighting Technician's Handbook - 2nd edition
Richard K Ferncase (Focal Press)

Professional Lighting Handbook - 2nd edition
Verne and Sylvia Carlson (Focal Press)

Colour Temperature - Colour Temperature Correction And Neutral Density Filters In Television Lighting
Alan Bermingham (Society of TV Lighting Directors)

Photometrics Handbook
Robert Mumm (Broadway Press)

Recommended Practice For DMX 512
Adam Bennette (PLASA)
I just started doing some work in lighting design at my school this past year, and having gone through a number of books at our library, two still stand out as the most useful for the beginner:

The Stage Lighting Handbook, by Francis Reid


A Method of Lighting the Stage, by Stanley McCandless

Method of Lighting the Stage is, of course, a pretty old one, but most of the basics established there I've found repeated in a lot of the other text, to the extent that though many things have changed since then, it doesn't hurt at all to know a bit of the original text.

I'm actually always looking for more info, but I'd say these two are keepers.
Another great resource is Light Fantastic by Max Keller. Great history of lighting, projection, and lighting paperwork.

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