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I just downloaded Lightwright, and have no idea what to do with it, and what it is for/if it will help me. I have the demo version, as well as the full version (but that needs a serial number...). I am wondering how this program will help me, and what it is for. I have heard that it is helpful for lighting, but when I opened it up i couldn't figure out what to put where, and what to use it for.
1) what is this program for?
2) how will it help a high school TD/LD/everything else
3) anyone know of any good websites with how-to's for this?

Thanks a lot
When i first used this program, i had absolutely no idea either. It is a very confuesing program to new people!

You have to first start by making a inventory list, and a position list. So a list of your fixtures, and then the bar locations.
You can also put in the number of dimmers, channels and availble power.
You can do this by going to the "Maintenance" menu and selecting an option from the list.

You then go to the "Edit -> Add Items" menu, you can then select what fixture you want to insert, what location, colour, circuit, desk channel etc. You add all your fixtures in, then you can print a colour call, dimmer hookup or just a inventory if all your fixtures and their locations for use during patching etc.
Sweet, cool, thats a really nice program!!!!

anyone know how much the full version costs so that I can see if our minute budget could afford it

Thanks Cruser!!!
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From what I can tell its a nice program. I wish I could get a full version. (I wish i had the money to get it. Anyone want to get it for me?)
Yea, i found that site earlier today. I donno, the budget is currently somewhere at $300, so i donno how well a $900 program would fit into that. I'm currently using the demo version, which is nice, but, like all demo versions, they don't give you all the features....

zac850 & TheatreTechie said:
*cough* if someone just happened to leave a code for this lying around.... *cough*

sorry zac850 and TheatreTechie, gonna have to ask you to stop asking for this on It could get in trouble with the lightwright creators and I don't want that to happen!

If you could edit your posts to delete that, I would appreciate that immensely!!

thanks again!

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