Mirrors for source fours?


I have some source fours to install but have very limited room . Does anyone make a mirror attachment that would fit where the gel holder is and would redirect the light at a 90 degree angle? This would allow me to mount the fixture vertically yet aim the light horizontally. Possibly someome has had some luck with a homemade version. Thanks Tom
City Theatrical Beam Bender 1400 for S4 Ellipsoidl [ Tips ] $101.00 EA

found this at http://www.stagetechnology.com/catalog.cfm in the Special Accessories by City Theatrical section of the catalog:

Detailed Description:
****Fixture not included****.

· Attaches easily to any Source Fourunit for flexibility in fixture placement.
· Ideal for shooting around scenery or other obstructions.
· Adjustable mirror for controlling angle and spread of beam.
· Especially useful for dance designers needing maximum light output at floor level.

Model: 1400

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