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As I wrote in my introduction, I am an illusionist and find this forum very helpful because I can understand the side of the technicians working at the control booth.

And this time, I would like to understand better what Lighitng technicians expect from my part.

I am producing a new illusion show. From my part, everything is ready. Now I am in the technical part of the production. This show will be performed at several cities in Portugal and Spain, so I will have to work with several Lighitng technicians, each one different at each venue.

I would like to know What Should I give to every light. Tech. besides the lighting plot (Which I understand contains the position of the lights) ?

How the Tech. know when to switch from one light to the other, dim an specific one, etc.,? Do they know this at the rehersal?

I have some illusions that require that a rear light goes down and a front light goes up at a VERY specific moment. Is there a way to put all this information in a document?

What can you reccomend me?

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Alejandro Kei.
I used to work with a magician and he had a larger show. what we did was we had a plot drawn up. and a script written with the cues written in it.

as well we had our own board that we traveld with an we had the show pre programed and would just ajust the postion pallets to match the size of the stage. since it was mostly moving lights this made it very simple.

what i would do is if you cant afford to travel with your own board and lighting rig is to be fairly flexable and spend an hour or two with the tech before the rehersal and explain each illusion and then do a rehersal and do it till you get it right thats the best you can do.

try not to be to demanding of them or it wont work out to well.

another option is to bring your own LD with you on every stop of your tour. that is the best option.

Thank you very much for your advice Jonathan.

Any other suggestions?

Kindest Regards,

if your own board and rig are not an option you might be able to make a show disk and go from there. With the show disk you could save all your cues then just patch it depedning on where you are. For example cue 1.5 fades channels 13,17,18 to full then once you get to the site you would just patch the show so their 13,17, and 18 match up with the ones in the cues. Hard to explane but it is what most shows do. Hopefully all the places have the same type of desk
Just expanding on what soundman said, you would need to carry a seperate disc for each console type tha you will be using, plus maybe a standard ASCII version in case you run into a board you didn't plan on.
To cary a show disk for every possible encounter would be near impossible for all you know there could be a board on the tour that has no way to load shows it could be a two scene preset board.

the only way to gurentee the same look every single show is to bring your own rig and board with an operator.


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