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the more advanced functions on it remain the same as sub increase? so its both a two scence preset and a cue stack, et cetera ?
those are all subs from what i was told... you can read my post on LN for a more informaitive look...
The presetPalette, from what I read on the site, is the only one with two-scene preset mode. 32/64 or 48/96 for two scene/single scene channel faders.
I had an opportunity to test-drive the new console at USITT and think that it will be good addition to the Strand line. As I understand, it will eliminate the 300 Series console an perhaps the 500 Series as well. In terms of functionality, it does allow for easier manipulation of commands due to the the Linux platform. Specifically, multiple screens can be open on the monitor allowing faster configuration of data.

The Educational Theatre Association has asked me to teach an Intro to Automated Lighting class for Teachers at the Thespian Festival this June and I am in hopes that Strand will supply one of the new consoles for the session. As I learn more about the console, I will pass it along.

propmonkey said:

So the screenshots make the interface look pretty crowded. When I was doing lighting stuff all the time I was big on Strand, and the full screen CLI they had was really great for me. Alot of information in a concise format that I can manipulate with a keypad very rapdily. This new interface looks like something that needs a mouse which is incredibly slow compared to a keypad/keyboard. Never played with one, probably never will, but just going off the screenshots.
i know what you mean. im hoping that the screenshots are like that to show all the features at one time rather than only one at a time
You can move around the "windows" as much as you want, so you only have the screens you want.... it really needs two monitors
I'm more worried about the user interface rathre than what the board does. But now that I saw the Pallet Offline, I'm going to look into that.
koncept said:
i would be very surprised if it didnt support dual monitors as the 300's do.

well be suprised, because it doesnt, and there are not expansion slots to add one
I just received confirmation that Strand is loaning us two of their new Pallettes for a class I am teaching in Lincoln, Nebraska in June. As we are currently using a 300, I am excited to see if it is any easier to use.

I will let you know my impression of the new console
I will be getting in on Thursday one of the palletes to run a show off of. I will let you guys know how it goes later in the week/next week after the show opens.
We are hoping to trade our 300 series for a pallatte of some kind in the near future. I am looking forward to it. luckily our desk is still on warrantee and since it has crashed on us twice, once the night before a show, (that was a long night) we have decided to drop the 300. I wish the pallette had two monitors, even with windows, it just isn't the same.
They sudgest that it be ran on a 19" monitor @ at least 1280x1024. I had it hooked up to a 15" @ 1024x768 and it was not nearly enough.

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