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I'm the tech director at a few schools in my area, and one of them has an older Vision.Net house light control system. Since I took over the space, we've made a few changes to the house lights and work lights, however I have no way to update those presets in the Vision.Net system. I've reached out to the Strand/Vari-Lite support email a few times to no response (though this was around the time Strand went bankrupt, so not sure if that played a role), and I've reached out to the original installer, who wasn't much help to me (they wanted approval from Strand before they would send me the software, but they got no response). After that failed, I reached out to an installer I've got a working relationship with, and they were able to send me a copy of Vision.Net Designer 3.0, but my system is running 4.5 and it was not compatible.

Does anyone know how I can get my hands on a copy of Designer 4.5? My goal is to re-name a few buttons on the touch screens, re-record a few presets, and (if possible) add an auto-off to kill the lights at the same time the building's alarm is usually set. This is still a short term solution, as we're trying to find funding for a CueServer install, but in the mean time it'd be nice to make this system a little more functional.

Thanks Edward, will do! Like I said, this was around the time Strand filed bankruptcy and I was having a tough time even finding a good way to get in contact with a relevant department.
Thanks for all the help everyone! I did reach out to Maggie and she's been very responsive.

As I was kind of anticipating, they're reluctant to share this software with me as I'm not trained/certified in Vision.Net. I was hoping that since it's such an old system, that wouldn't be the case, but it also doesn't come as a surprise. I haven't completely given up hope yet, but it's looking like I probably won't be able to make changes to this system myself.

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