oh my god


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Hey i just realized affter all this time i had never posted in here so here i go. i am a producer, lighting designer, board op......
i live in toronto canada. i have my own production company www.blackhorseproductions.ca all though i am still a student i do work profesionaly and i hope to provide my prfessional and practical experiances here on these boards.

i hope that was good enough pretend that was my first post

Jon Hirsh
Haha! I dono if I even feel right welcomeing you! It seems like you've already been arround here forever! (ok, well, it's only been a few months, but you have made many great posts and taught me alot)

Anyways, here's a much belated Welcome! (and I know I dont have to tell you not to be afraid to make lots of posts arround the forum! you already do a great job with that!)

Welcome to Controlbooth.com!
--The Official Welcome Wagon (Part 2)
well i thank you lol i think this was more novel then anything else but hey its always nice to have a welcome. now lets go welcome newbies

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