after hurriedly programming my lights on scholards board for sears(regional competition) and doing the show, we brought the floppy back to tweak some things on our board. at the beginning of the school day, ashley came and found me and told me something was wrong with our lights and she couldn't figure out what. one dimmer brought up all the wrong lights. it was really twisted. so after school, i took a look at it and played around for a while and i found out something went screwing with patching. they were just about to call mr. risk when i fixed it. hooray for self-teaching!
congrates! in the process did you figure out how it got screwed up in the first place? (to keep it from reoccuring?)
actually yes! it turns out scholards board was patched differently from our so when i saved our show onto a disk at scholard, the same patching showed up on our board. it took a few times of it happening to realize the problem.
Congrats on managing to fix your patching, it can be a pain in the butt to do but in the end it all works out.

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