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I don't know if you guys can help but I'll give it a shot. I have been djing and producing now since 92. I started working with CakeWalk but moved to Logic and got really involved with using MIDI on my productions. Every project that I have worked on has been done differently as far as the working around the studio. I had to take about a year off to take care of family matters and now that I am back I find myself getting lost in my equipment and not really knowing how to go about things. I think it has to do with the fact that I really did not have a basic template for productivity. Example: I am woking on a project now and I am stuck on wether I should copy all sounds to audio and work on the computer or should I work on MIDI and track it live. I know this is crap to some of you but for some reason I am getting hung up on stuff like that. So, do you guys have any tips or websites that I can use to start developing good PRODUCTIVE working habits?
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Extensive and unwavering organization is a key to creating a productive work enviroment. Knowing your co-workers well also helps to keep the tension at a minimum.


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Something which may be worthwhile to you is to at the end of each day, create a list of the things you need to complete the next day, as well as check off the tasks you have completed. This becomes your daily goal sheet to clear by the end of the day.

If you can reliably estimate the amoutn of time your tasks will take to a certain degree, you can also try putting the above tasks on a schedule in th eorder you're going to do them.


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When I have the problem of deciding on one option or another, I find it helpful to write down the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Give yourself an hour or two to actually do this and make the decision in.

Then action the decision that you have just made.

Too much time is often wasted in the process of making the initial decision.

Having a deadline for the final outcome is also a good way of keeping on ocus as well and for allocating time to multiple projects. Don't forget to have a final draft deadline as well, so that you allow yourself some time to polish it.

Hope this helps.

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