Removable Proscenium Hardware


Jul 17, 2013
We have a proscenium that is about 18' x 50'. Its very plain and every year we talk about wanting to decorate it for our musicals and for our christmas programs. We are capable of building a false proscenium but I was wonder if there was some hardware out there that we could permanently install into the wall and just attached the pieces we build, maybe something at snaps into place, or hooks on, I don't know. Does anyone have any other suggestions or have seen/installed something similar? Thanks in advance.


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Nov 19, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
The instant you install a "permanent" method for attach a false proscenium, some designer will think up a way to make it unusable. Its great that you've got some solid lumber behind the existing proscenium. I've had the pleasure or figuring out how to attach stuff to a chicken wire and plaster proscenium with no access behind it. If you've got access behind the wall, I'd think about adding some 2x4 cross members on face between the studs, centered at regular distances form the deck (4',8, 12') When it comes time to install your false pro, you could just screw into it through the back. If not, z clips are an easy low profile way to hang stuff.

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