Automated Fixtures Repairing old MAC 500


Hi all

I'm having some issues with 4 old mac 500. I solved almost all the problems but there are still a few thiungs that keep coming back.

1rst: There are some motor drivers that keep blowing up. I keep replacing them for new ones but always blow sooner or later. I was suggested that it was a problem in the wiring but after a good inspection I never found any problem. Do you recommend me change the wiring? change the stepper motor? please help

2nd: One of the TILT motors goes off during operation. Meaning that loses power. It's very difficult to reproduce as it happens rarely. When it happens somtimes re-gains power and recovers position but only temporary. The rest of the ficture keeps working normally.

If anybody experienced same issues or know whats going on I would very much apreciate any advice on dealing with them. They are so old that it's not worth spending any money trying to repair them so they are now very much for hobby time.
Sounds like wiring as all the problems seem to be in the head and not the base except for the chips. I would think the wiring is having internal faults /shorts that you can't see from years of flexing. I would also check the motors as well to see if any are locked up or tight when powered off. It could be a power supply issue but I would start with the simple stuff first such as motors and wiring, doesn't sound like a no cost fix though.

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