1. jtweigandt

    Maintenance what's your favorite reRTFM moment

    I brought home 2 non responsive Blizzard Propar V12 fixtures for diagnosis/repair.. they had stopped responding to DMX I walked through the various modes and programs to assure they were producing light in all colors. Tried various re sets of DMX address etc. Expecting the worst. These have...
  2. A

    Fixing DMX light after MPX plug in?

    Hi all! First time poster, any help is much appreciated.I recently started a new job as the lighting designer/technician in a small venue space. They run their whole grid on two big daisy-chains, and when recently hanging a different plot I accidentally plugged into the multiplex option on the...
  3. J

    Altman 65Q and 360Q Repair/Rewiring

    Hi all,I am going through and repairing our school district's old inventory of Altman halogen fixtures. We operate over 20 Altman 65Qs and have a few old Altman 360Qs, many of which are original to our high school building which was built in 1976.Our fixtures have a lot of wiring issues...
  4. J

    Control/Dimming DMX Wiring Leviton Board

    I have an old Leviton MC7008 board with the 5-pin DMX add-on. The wiring from the board to the back of the connector has come off though. I re-wired what I thought was the correct order, but I’m receiving no response from my dimmers. Does anyone know the PIN numbers for the wires that go to the...
  5. P

    Leviton DDS 6000 Dimmer Pack DMX

    I'm having a problem with one of my Leviton DDS-6000-15 dimmer packs. I'm unable to control any lights plugged into it via dmx. It's not an addressing issue- I was able to get other DDS-6000s to work just fine. I'm able to control fixtures after it in the data chain, but on this pack the dmx...
  6. tdrga

    Wybron Coloram IT troubleshooting

    Hello all - I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a couple of issues I'm having with our 12 year old Wybron Coloram IT 4" scrollers. They have been rock solid since 2008 until the last month. They are used in 6-8 shows per year, so not a heavy duty cycle.I have had two fail with motors...
  7. Nic Carter

    Troubleshooting a Leprecon 1548

    We have an old Leprecon 1548 which when you switch it on all the LEDs light up but it never boots, it would seem that the processor isn't getting power. Any thoughts?
  8. W

    Repair to rear projection screen

    I have a 25' by 43' rear projection screen. A small hole was created during set construction. Any suggestion on how to repair a 2 inch tear in the fabric?
  9. L

    Stage Drape Repair Metro Detroit

    First post here on the forum, i am looking for a company/person to do some stage drapery repair/patching in metro detroit. the person i used in the past has retired and i am looking for someone new. I was wondering if anyone here would have any recommendations.ThanksLucas
  10. B

    Motorized Fader Issue Yamaha DM 1000

    Hi All,I'm trying to repair my DM 1000 and am having an issue with a single motorized fader. Please note that: I HAVE REPLACED THE FADER, which I have done successfully with this console before, but this time my issue still continues.This fader will move down but not up. So for example, I...
  11. JD

    Wireless Sennheiser G1 antenna discontinued repair-trick

    As you may know, the G1 A band antenna for the Sk100 body packs has been discontinued and is very hard to find. Many of us still have G1 packs as they live forever (or it seems so!) The antennas were very easy to replace as they simply screwed on. Although some fail when the steel wire inside...
  12. Gringo Steve

    Jands Talkback Station

    Does anyone have an older Jands belt pack laying around like the in in the attached pic? Am trying to repair a dead unit but there is one resister that is completely burnt out in the second pic that I need to identify.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  13. mikeydoesstuff

    TW1 repair

    Hey friends, I took over repairing a TW1 and the two fuse boards were separated without labeling. Can anyone shoot me a photo of the top board put together properly, or a wiring diagram if you have one? All my others are on the road so I dont have one on hand for reference. Thanks
  14. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Sensor+ Dimmers, Field Servicable?

    Is there any way to diagnose and fix problems with the sensor blades in the field or is that something i need to send them back to ETC for.
  15. etek

    Microphones Repairing UniPak Terminations?

    Long time lurker, first time poster..I am doing sound for high-school theatre and have been for five years. The acoustics in the auditorium are horrific, so mics are needed for essentially everyone on stage. It is very hard to get a tech budget at all, let alone one that is suitable for our...
  16. T

    Automated Fixtures Fixing Errors on Elation DesignSpot 575e

    So I have been going at these fixtures all day in an attempt to solve their problem. I do not want to have them sent out to have two, what I think are, simple errors to address. I have no idea how to tackle them as this would be my first real time opening up some fixtures and trying to...
  17. bim

    Automated Fixtures Repairing old MAC 500

    Hi allI'm having some issues with 4 old mac 500. I solved almost all the problems but there are still a few thiungs that keep coming back.1rst: There are some motor drivers that keep blowing up. I keep replacing them for new ones but always blow sooner or later. I was suggested that it was...
  18. N

    Tension Block Issue

    Hello, I was looking for some advice on a tension block problem I have been having with my main curtain. very recently and within a very short time frame the tension block on my main curtain is capable of being lifted by simply pulling the rear line out toward the operator. I have inspected the...
  19. J

    Stress Test Amplifiers

    Morning All,My current employer has been developing an in-house avmangament team. The growing pains for them are harsh. Currently one of the problems is the testing, disposal, repair and re-issuing of old gear.I need some help in building a test bench to load stress amplifiers. I currently...
  20. T

    Looking for old Electro Controls info

    Hi. I'm not much of a lighting guy, but I offered to help a local venue with a broken lighting system. I took a look and appears to be an Electro Controls 733C6, but I'm not having much luck finding any further information about it. Does anyone know where I could get schematics or any kind of...