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What's that? 8O You say that you are tired of having to deal with purchasing an expensive, mediocre quality editing sofware? Don't like SFX? here is a cheap alternative that works even better. More features, more stable, MIDI compatible (that's right, it means you can run both boards from just your light board running Horizon), AND it's the most user friendly program ever!!! Check out www.soundcuesystem.com you can get a FULLY FUNCTIONING demo there. It is quite the amazing find!
Let me know what you all think and if ther are anyother options out there!
Hmm.. Unless you can prove that it is spam, it will just be labeled as biased promotion.

The posting was not meant to be spam! I just thought that it was the coolest thing since sliced bread and wanted to share. That's why I asked for feedback at the end of the posting!!!
Oh ok :)

Well I really don't have money to spend on that, and I hate demos ;)

I'm thinking I'll just program my own if I ever need one, I am pretty good in a few languages.
I've been using Sound Cue System for a couple of years now. For the money you won't find a better program out there.

We just finished doing Frankenstein for our MOACT entry. I had 75 sound cues. 55 sound effects or music cues, 15 fade cues, 5 level change cues. Had as many as 4 cue playing at once. 12 cues Auto Activated from other cues. And all in 58min. Compare that with other software costing a $1000.00 or more. Hard to beat the price!

I'm running duel sound cards. SCS has the ability to direct the sound cues to whichever card you choose. Just did "Hello Dolly", And I sent some train sound effect to a speaker in the back of the house. Great Effect!

Take time to download the demo. I'm sure you'll like the program.
http://www.soundcuesystem.com/ And if this sounds like advertisment for SCS, it's not. No connections with Mike at all, although my comment is on his home page. I'm just a fan of the program.



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