Side-loaded Pipe


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May 28, 2009
Phoenix, Az
Agreed with the hanging position you can achieve that angle with the yoke hanging vertical.

More information is needed.
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Aug 8, 2012
Villanova, PA
Your problem really is that your batten pipe is rolling, so fix the problem, don't treat the symptom of your problem. I'm not an LD but it does seem to me that you could achieve that lighting angle without yoking the instruments out so far.

Assuming you really DO need to yoke out your instruments that much (because it occurs to me you may need the instrument slightly higher to achieve a preferred angle but the length of your soft goods prevents from just taking the batten higher, right?) and assuming you have the space on the D/S side of the batten to do so, you COULD hang & yoke out a few additional instruments as ballast opposite these ones. You probably don't need to hang instruments one-to-one; maybe one ballast for every two instrument - just to get the pipe to "roll" back closer to where it belongs.

The side arm stiffener doesn't NOT work, but it seems to me that it treats the symptom and not the problem? Balance your batten and you should be fine.

Good luck!
May 23, 2014
Dallas, TX
Thanks all. Yes, the LD and ME were trying to keep the instruments away from the border. However, they went ahead and hung the instruments straight down and we had no issue.

How does one use a side arm as a stiffener?


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Jun 12, 2004
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Well I don't have the google fu to find an image so I'll try words. Clamp a side arm adjacent to lift lines, pointing straight up along lift line, and then anchor lift line to the side arm.
@Jason M Wagner Two additional points to ponder:
a; The longer the side arm the better.
b; If you only tie the side arm to the lift line at one point; choose the upper most point, it has the best mechanical advantage and does most of the work.
I've seen end users go wild employing tie line in six, or more, places and / or lacing tie line around both the side arm and lift line from top to bottom; waste of time, effort and tie line. The top tie wins in terms of mechanical advantage, additional ties are for show and making yourself feel more important, somewhat akin to the high school kid with tiny, LOUD bells secreted on his LARGE and jangling collection of unused keys.
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