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Hi, as our school has recently just opened a new PAC, we have been told that we have to come up with a "Sound and Lights" show for a section of the Performing Arts Evening. Basically, it is supposed to be a showcase of the new stuff that we have and all of the new stuff we can do with the theatre so i was wondering if you have any tips or suggestions for good showpieces or anything. Im not sure exactly what budget we'll have yet, but i doubt it will be very much. Also i have been told that we are allowed pyros :twisted: lol, im sure we will be supervised properly before you all start on that...:rolleyes:

My ideas so far:
- Lasers and haze/smoke
- Strobes
- Moving lights
I know theyre hardly in-depth descriptions of what im thinkin but they'll have to do, im tired


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Um, so do you mean like play music and flash the lights?

How long would this be for? I know we all like to play, but sitting watching lights flash can get boring.....

Get a bunch of moving heads, get a hazer, make some cool looks and flash and trash for a song. 3 minutes would be the very max I would say. Find a dynamic song that has fast and slow moments so you can really cue to that.

Other then that, particulars? Who/what/where?


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AHA! Another light show person! This past fall I helped with the annual light show at my school. We used Hog PC and our Obsession console, 4 Intellabeams, some S4 pars w/scrollers, and one megacrapton of haze. It was sweet. I'll try to get some pics. Our intellabeams were mounted horizontally about 2' off the ground, angled out about 30 degrees. The show was AWESOME. We had the lights behind a black before the show, and then flew it out. Oh, we also had some S4's gelled with various colors that had some checkers breakup gobos in them wich were patterned to cover the whole stage. Use saurated colors of you do this. They faded in and out so that the light changed around the stage through the haze. We do this every year, and I'm gonna design the one next year. I'll try to get some pics of ours this year.

OK, what do you have in terms of gear? Intelligents, scrollers, strobes, hazer, any other fun stuff?

And yes, we do secretly call it the "flash and trash" show, but it gets complements every year. We had some really cool ML sequences this past year, one "windshield wiper" sequence and one "jacknife" sequence. They were both amazing.


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On the audio side of things... I wouldnt necessaraly slam the audience with loud music right away... start with something softer and clearer that demonstrates the clarity of your system and build up to something rumbles them out of their seats (if your sytem can do that of course). If you have a good stereo image over a large portion of the audience you can play with that to by having some panning effects in there too (But dont try this if you dont have a good stereo setup as it'll just sound bad).

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