Strand LBX Power Supply Problem

Hello fellow lighting enthusiasts,

(Skip my First Post Bio in the first paragraph and proceed to the real question in the second if your not interested.)

I have been watching this board sense early this year. What a great asset this place is. In my younger days I used to do some lighting in high school and a little after words at the local theme park in live shows. Then I got married to the first wife who made me quit and get a real job. Then after 7 years I divorced and after a little time found a real wife. She’s beautiful actress/ theatre teacher and loves what ever I want to do. So I love to help her by keeping the theatre’s lighting equipment up and working. This new computer stuff is a whole new ball game for me. Now I had to learn this stuff all over. It wasn’t to hard, I just read the manual and practiced the programming. Not very much different than programming my aircraft computer on board a MD-80 for my airline. Oh yea, after the first wife wanted me to quit all the fun jobs, I chose to become an airline pilot. I still have all the knobs and gauges to play with and get paid much better and now have a whole theatre to play in. Now for my real question.

The Theatre has a Strand LBX in it. It is about 5-7 years old. I read about the back up battery, and how it might need to be changed or it could cause some problems with the board later unexpectedly. So I took it to a local stage and theatre company to just do a battery change for the summer. It was working fine as we disconnected it to remove and deliver over to the company. We took extreme precautions and were very careful not to even bump the board all the way to delivery.

However when it was delivered the tech plugged in the cord to the socket and flipped the switch a couple of times. Nothing came on. I almost had a heart attack. However he had only forgot to plug in the power cord to the back of the board. Then he plugged it in and switched the on off a couple of times and still nothing. I believe he not realizing, plugged the cord in while the switch was still in the on (hot) position. I would not believe that this would blow a fuse in the power supply but this is what he checked for and found.

Not to bore you with the other details (as if your not bored already) but in the end the power supply now won’t work. Maybe a couple of burned out transistors or something. Strand doesn’t make this board or parts any more I am told, but the tech has someone who might be able to repair it. As a back up I am wondering if any one at this site knows of a old Strand LBX power supply or board that someone might sell for parts at this time?

I am open to any other ideas too. I am just worried. The school can’t afford a new board and I need to get this done soon.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear (not to far I hope).
I think you might try Texas Scenic in San Antonio. If they can't help call Century Lighting Service in Fair Lawn, NJ. They will fix you up with a swap out or just fix yours and ship it back. Century is run by long time Strand technicians who will not fail you.

Century Lighting Service, Inc. 18-02 River Road Fair Lawn, NJ 07410-1201 (201) 791-7001 FAX (201)791-3167 Contact: Sal Maratta & Joel Epstein
Well I know it’s been a while but I wanted to keep yall updated. The company that worked on the board was a national stage supplier. They stepped up on the deal and respected the fact that I knew the board worked fine before I delivered it to them. They shipped the whole board back to Strand. Strand made repairs to the board even though they don’t support it with parts any longer. I believe the cost was about $150 for the repair. I’m sure the shipping was not that cheap either. I was very impressed

This is many years later, but for those trying to keep their LBX going, I found a replacement power supply by searching the part # off the unit itself. had a match and for $15 US, and $14 shipping, I'm getting a new one. I will let you know if it worked.

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