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What personal equipment do you have?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by TNasty, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Lance Hallmark

    Lance Hallmark Member

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    Palm Harbor, FL
    I do mostly DJ events from clubs to outdoor raves as well as supply sound/lighting for other events & live music. I am working on opening my own performance venue next year. Just starting to get my head around DMX programming and how to properly run a lighting console.
    2 JTR Orbit Shifter subs
    2 JTR Noesis 3TX 3 way tops
    2 Yamaha DSR112 2 way tops
    2 Denon Delta 10" 2 way tops
    2 EV ZXa5 15" 2 way tops
    2 EV sx200 12" 2 way tops
    2 EV ZXa1 12" subs
    4 Yorkville LS800/801 subs
    1 Powersoft K10 amp
    2 Crown XTI6002 amps
    3 Pioneer XDJ1000mk2 Media players
    2 Denon HS500 CD/Media players
    2 Technics 1210 turntables
    1 Pioneer Toraiz 16 Sampler/Sequencer
    1 Ableton Push controller
    1 Korg Zero4 mixer
    1 Pioneer S3 mixer
    1 Pioneer 900NXS2 mixer
    1 Rane MP2015 rotary mixer
    1 A&H Zed10 FX mixer
    1 Soundcraft 16 ch mixer
    1 Pioneer DDJ-SZ controller
    1 Line 6 V-70 Wireless mic
    1 Sure 2 channel wireless mic

    4 Chauvet Intimidator 250 LED
    4 Chinese R5 Sharpy clones
    2 Chinese Bee Eye clones
    12 Chinese generic LED wash lights
    10 Battery powered, wireless DMX uplights
    1 ADJ Follow Spot 1000
    4 Chauvet Colorbar SMD
    4 Chauvet Shadow UV panels
    2 1 watt RGB lasers
    2 3 watt RGB lasers
    1 Touchscreen PC with Pangolin for lasers
    1 Touchscreen PC with Chamsys MagicQ USB dongle
    1 Chamsys MQ40 lighting console
    1 wireless DMX transmitter, 7 receivers
    1 10ft goalpost triangle truss
    1 12 x 28 ft. F34 square truss
    2 2.0m truss totems
    2 2.5m truss totems
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  2. Rose03

    Rose03 Member

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    I have an altman 3.5q, EDI Bijou PLus, and a 1974 Strong Trouperette II. All three I found on the side of the road.
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  3. Jay Ashworth

    Jay Ashworth Well-Known Member

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    St Pete FL USA
    Along with Neewer, Lixada seems to be one of the fourth-tier "brand names" that's actually got a little heft behind it on the ChinaDumpShit level (as a radio engineer friend of mine would phrase it). How are they working out for you?
  4. Adam Brunetti

    Adam Brunetti Member

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    Light and Sound Designer, Producer
    Rhode Island, USA
    Honestly, they've worked wonders. have yet to have one go out, and for a high school with NOTHING, when there's no budget for rentals, they're great. Even just to supplement on front light, as we have no actual front lighting, besides (now static) follow spots in a catwalk. They're great to be able to focus to different areas of the stage and pit
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  5. Ancient Engineer

    Ancient Engineer Active Member

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    Sandusky, Ohio
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  6. NickVon

    NickVon Well-Known Member

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    I picked up an A&H SQ6 with a road case!
    A Seahorse SE90 rolling travel case (Great Pelican Clone)
    And also did a test investment in the JTS R-4 wireless mic system which I saw on a job and was impressed with (the all Metal body packs/HH transmitter version). I like them so far.

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