Window Covering

Try using metalic "space blankets".... you can probably find them somewhere in a large enough size. They do a good job at sealing out all light.

Or, as a more economic alternative, cut corrugated cardboard to the proper size so that it fits right into the window.

Use good (expensive) gaffer's tape to tape either to the window frame without fear of removing paint.
Another option is to cut pink foam that will fit inside the windows, and paint the inside/outside black.
I like footers idea pink foam painted black. If you have access to the outside of the window, you could use the Cinema trick of packing blankets hung against the window to block out light. Packing blankets are great for sucking up ecess lumens, Not as good as new and improved Lumi-Suck from Rosco but still pretty good.
If you do go with the foam idea, make sure the paint you're using IS NOT solvent based. Go with flat black latex. The solvents will melt the foam.

Hey along those lines. Latex paint does not like to adhere to foam;, pink blue, etha or styro. Here's a little trick that helps a lot. < 'course I'm giving away a trade secret for free. >

1 gallon latex paint
2 tubes Latex painters chaulk. < not silicon>
1 cup Joint compound
1/2 cup water putty
1 five gallon bucket

color and mix paint into 5 gallon bucket
squirt both tubes of chaulk into paint
drop in joint compound a little at a time as you continue to stir with drill motor attachment
pour in water putty
bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes and Viola a souffle for the entire shop !

no don't bake it. paint it on almost anything. Add more chaulk if you notice it not adhereing very well. I've had great success with this scenic dope. by adding more joint compound you can make a wonderful texturing material that won't crumble when walked on. < the latex chaulk binds real well with the gypsum joint compound to make an extremely tough yet slightly fexible surface>
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