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    ETC Nomad Clarification

    If you buy the maximum output it would allow you to transmit Data for every one of those addresses onto the network. If you have an sACN receiver on the other end, you're good to go. If you need 5pin DMX out of the network, then you will need to provide some form of converter in the form of a...
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    Fluorescent bulb acting up

    Good info on dimmable fluorescent fixtures:
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    How to exclude channels on Element 2

    Several options to do this. One way: If your HL channels, are, say, 1-10 and everything else is 11-20. 11 thru 20 [Record] (cue #) [Enter] You could also record all of your non HL into a group first to save a few keystrokes. 11-20 [Record] [Group] 1 [Enter] Then it would be: [Group] 1...
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    Control/Dimming How to Learn DMX?

    Hoping this isn't too simplified, but here's an analogy: Think of each DMX address as a person in a house. Each house is a DMX controllable lighting fixture. (Each house also has a street address or DMX start address. Each individual resident takes up 1 address space.) Each member of the...
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    Element 2 iRFR Help

    I'm doing this from memory, but give this a shot: Disconnect router from internet entirely. Is the WiFi remote checkbox enabled in your console setup? (RFR settings, visible to remote) Network cable: On console plug into 2nd network port On Router plug into WAN (not LAN) port On console set...
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    Automated Fixtures Elation Dartz 360 Losing sACN Connection

    It sounds like you're using a network cable and sending sACN. Does your network switch support IGMP *and is it enabled*? Does your fixture have a valid IP address and subnet mask? Is your fixture set to listen to sACN (as opposed to ArtNet?) (and is it set to the right universe and address?)
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    Mirror Mode For Ion

    Mirror Mode over WiFi is not a supported feature. I recommend running a network cable between your console and your MAC. If you *must* use a device of some sort wirelessly, there are a few different options for remote control: aRFR (Android), iRFR (iOS), and OSC control.
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    Dmx over Ethernet

    ETC Net3 Gateways do not ship with a power supply by default, but they can be purchases separately.
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    New Source Four Parnels not dimming

    There's a few different ways your rack could be configured, but the odds are high that yes, your label number matches your "dimmer" number. R20AF means that that module is a 20A Relay. Relay modules are power on / power off only, and are not capable of dimming even if you're ramping the channel...
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    New Source Four Parnels not dimming

    What kind of dimmer modules do you have feeding the circuits that aren't dimming? On the right side of the dimmer, do they say something like "D20" or "R20"?
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    New Source Four Parnels not dimming

    Have you tried to plug one of the ones that aren't dimming, into the circuit for the one that does dim, and vice-versa? It sounds like you have some type of curve set, or the circuit's mode is set to behave like a relay (if you're hearing a click, I'm leaning toward the latter).
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    Budget DMX to USB

    +1 for Enttec. Enttec has great products and fantastic customer service.
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    CD80 Rack Types

    Check out this link. It might be helpful. Regarding patch bays, check out the links for the Rolling Racks- there's mention of it, there. VERY simplified, it's a way to connect a specific dimmer to one or more receptacles. Flexible, in that...
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    Automated Fixtures Encoder Values Over RDM

    Are you looking for DMX values that the console is *sending* to the unit?
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    Setting your DMX - DIP, LCD, RDM, ???

    RDM is my most preferred method, followed closely by LCD menu, and lastly, by dip switch.