1. Q

    Control/Dimming iSeries E 96 dimmer rack configuration software

    Hello everyone,I work in higher education and I'm trying to install some LED fixtures (American DJ PAR Z100) in our old theater. We would like to utilize the existing power from the dimmer rack ( iSeries E 96 ) by converting the stage pin to powercon. In the dimmer rack manual it talks about...
  2. A

    CD80 Non-Dim Patch?

    To start, I have 2 full-size CD80 dimmer racks with C21 control systems. Most modules are dual 2.4kw dimmer modules, I have one factory labeled constant power, and a couple of modified constant power modules. My controller is a full-sized Strand Neo Console. For an upcoming show in a couple of...
  3. W

    CD80 Rack Module questions

    I've been asked to come up with a wish list for one of the high school theaters I manage and some new lighting came to mind immediately. I'm looking into getting some LED cyc lights (Spectra Cyc 50s) to replace our current incandescent units, but I'd like to provide power to them using our...
  4. Gage

    LMI SD-6000 dimmer

    Not really any questions to answer with this one, was just going through some pallets of old gear and stumbled across this monster. Interesting form factor, technically a dimmer pack, although only one channel (that appears to be rated at 6k), and a built-in fader for convenience. I'll have to...
  5. W

    Control/Dimming Possibly a basic question...attach 13A lamp to dimmer socket?

    Hello - possibly a dumb question but my knowledge is a little basic!I'm looking at maybe having a practical household lamp on stage as part of a show, but I want to be able to dim it from my lighting desk. The one we have currently has a 13A plug and a dimmable bulb. If I buy a 15A round-plug...
  6. jumpnjet22

    Control/Dimming Old Lighting Control System What are they

    We have this old dimmer/control pack from the late 80s / early 90s, and we were wondering if anyone had any idea on what they could be, and if there's anything left that could still potentially control it. If anyone has any ideas as to what they could be or any links that may be hard to find...
  7. J

    City Theatrical Webinar 05: QolorFLEX Multiverse Wireless DMX Dimmers, presented by John Demous

    Presented by John DemousJune 4 | WEBINAR 05: QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers This webinar will explore wireless dimming and we'll show you how the QolorFLEX® 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer sets up and operates. We well as teach you about another even smaller dimmer for props and costumes, our...
  8. Benjamin Handler

    Source Four Leko for Filmmaking - lamp burned out immediately

    Hello all,As title suggests, I bought a Source Four Leko 750 to use for indie filmmaking. I have some experience with these lights from working as a volunteer stagehand and periodically on film sets, but am by no means an electrician and feel like I'm in over my head. Saw lots of good info on...
  9. J

    NSI/Leviton DDS-6000-20 question

    So ... I have two DDS-6000-20 dimmer backs, each with a broken channel PC board. I am HOPING I can swap the channel boards around and come out with one working dimmer. However, I have a couple of questions about component compatibility.First, the channel boards are different PC numbers. One...
  10. zackconn44


    hey!I need a wireless dimmer from city theatrical. Which version of the QolorFLEX would work with 6 or more incandescent lights on it. Thank you
  11. Rose03

    Convert DMX to 10v analog

    I recently started working at one of the few remaining outposts of 0-10v analog dimmer control. The desk is a grumpy old Leprecon 624. I would like to use ETC Nomad or some other DMX control so the question is: is there a way to convert DMX to 10v analog on a budget?
  12. Rose03

    Lycian Xenon Spot On Dimmer

    I found a Lycan Miget HP on a dimmer. Is this ok to do? It is running off an ETC Cem3 dimmer, the level for the spotlight was set from the dimmer's cpu, not the desk.
  13. DannyDepac

    Using a wall dimmer for a Source four follow spot??

    Hi Everyone - You've never failed me before so I'm back! lolI am putting together my own DIY Followspot from an ETC source 4 ellipsoidal (5 degree) 750 watt.I want it to be dimmable by the operator. I saw a couple of videos that use a regular old home "wall dimmer switch" inline with the...
  14. D

    Control/Dimming Sensor+ Dimmer Rack Dimmers Failing

    I am working with a Sensor+ Dimmer rack with R25D2 Dimmers. They keep on failing. Either not actually outputting power or not outputting consistently. The person that installed the rack entered the dimmer types in as R20D units. Could this be causing my problems?
  15. A

    Slimpar 56s and dimmers??

    Hi all...a sort of newbie...but I hope a simple question.I'd like to manually set my chauvet par 56s...each to it's own color.Can I dim all 4 simultaneously...they'd be linked via ac only...using a dimmer?Now I'm aware of dimmers...and switch packs..and I think that's the key thing to...
  16. R

    ETC Sensor3 "switched" D20 v relay/thrupower

    Our space is transitioning bit by bit to LED and I have a few questions:1. Some of the fixtures are conventional source4s with source4wrd retro units attached. I know these are designed to safely be dimmer dimmed but the quality is awful unless maybe you have more than one fixture on one...
  17. V

    Unrecognized Dimming Receptacle

    Hello,I was looking at the lighting situation in a dining hall in MIT's student center and they built in some stage pin and dimmer boxes around the room, likely when they first built the building. I don't recognize the connections for the dimmer and was wondering if anyone here could identify...
  18. N

    Jands WMX Dimmers

    Hi everybody,I'm after some information regarding trimming dimmers. Is it possible to trim Jands WMX wallpack dimmers? We've got some lamps that glow dull when off and we just found a few that the curves are drastically different on. Any information would be greatly appreciated.Cheers, Nathan
  19. tdtastic

    Dimmer Doldrums

    Our dimming system has been doing funny stuff this summer; seeking advice for things to look for and maintenance techniques that we could or should be doing on the regular even despite our current issues.We have three SR48 racks with 2.4k dual D20's -- whole system installed about eighteen...
  20. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Sensor+ Dimmers, Field Servicable?

    Is there any way to diagnose and fix problems with the sensor blades in the field or is that something i need to send them back to ETC for.