1. S

    Controlling In a Large Stadium

    I am breaking into controlling much larger rigs. Also looking to expand into much larger venues. When you go into a large stadium and do semi-perm installs with lights rigged all around and lights on the ground, what is the preferred way to control all of the lights? I am somewhat familiar with...
  2. J

    Lights keep blowing

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you could help me with an issue I have with my lights system. For the past several months I've had an issue where the breakers on our Leprecon dimmers keep flipping. in addition to this the bulbs themselves ( standard 575 watt bulbs ) would blow. We thought it...
  3. O

    NSI N0501-2 Microplex to DMX

    Hey Everyone, I recently acquired an NSI N0501-2 or Leviton I/F 501-2 (i believe they are one in the same) to be able to utilize some old dimmers we have to be able to be controlled by our DMX software. We are currently running a variety of DMX controllers (what ever production is in the...
  4. Les

    Altman Shakespeare Lamp Contact Problems

    The community theatre where I was recently hired on has a few Altman Shakespeare's that have problems with the lamp sockets. The instruments sometimes "ghost" on and off, and it is evident that there has been some arcing on the lamp posts. Usually if you just take the lamps out, flip them and...
  5. justKC

    Dimmers not acting right

    I work part time in a older theatre and lately the dimmer rack has been giving me trouble. The theatre has a ETC dimmer wrack that is at least 15 years old and it is run with an ETC express. The problem stated about two months ago I can Back from a dinner break where i had left the board on but...
  6. H

    Electronics Diversified House Light System

    Hey everybody, so we've been experiencing this problem for years now, we're finally looking at solving it. We have a Electronics Diversified mark vii dimmer rack which also includes our house lights, they use the same dimmers as our other lights. However there is a special input for house light...
  7. C

    Control/Dimming Converting To LED

    Hello everyone, I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere, I have looked and have not been able to find anything. So, an area high school brought me in to look at upgrading their system. For dimmers, they have two Leprecon MX-1200's. As of lighting fixtures, they have a couple of 360Q's in...
  8. E

    Passerelle edge lighting

    Hey y'all! Alright so the theater I work in is a high school. In our theater we have a passarelle (spelling?). We've always used rope lights to line the edge of the passarelle plugged straight into a dimmer channel (they need to be dimmable and controlled from the lighting desk). However every...
  9. KT the TD

    Colortran i96 dimmer rack problems

    We're having troubles with our dimmers after the power went out. Some won't shut off, some pop on at 50% when the fader gets to 1%, and it's an issue being December when everyone and their brother put on "The Nutcracker." I've tried resetting the modules but can't find a main power switch to...
  10. ChristopherRobinJ

    Cloud lights not working..

    The other day, I was helping my lighting director fix some S4 PAR's that were not working on the clouds we have. However, as we searched for the cloud lights on our board, we discovered that none of them would turn on... We did a full channel and dimmer check. went through our saved shows, and...
  11. J

    Control/Dimming Dimmer in #1 space on Sensor rack always stays on

    Hi, We have an issue with a 96 dimmer Sensor rack. The dimmer #1 is always on. We've swapped modules and dimmer #1 still stays on. We split it as a dimmer doubler and one side works fine, the other doesn't (It stays on). Based on a suggestion in another thread, I've set the curve to linear...
  12. Joshua Hoffman

    Cheap Gobo Projector

    Does anybody know of a gobo projector sub $75? I can't seem to find any decent ones.
  13. Joshua Hoffman

    MyDMX and QLab

    Hello All, I am using MyDMX 2.0 to run the lights to a project I am working on. On the same computer, I also need to run Q lab for a few sound effect. Is there a way that I can make a QLab cue trigger MyDMX so I am not switching between applications? Thanks in advance, Joshua (BTW I am running...
  14. Joshua Hoffman

    ETC ION generic fixtures

    Hello ION users, I have a generic led fixture where the first channel is the intensity and the following channels are Red Blue Green, and I couldn't find a fixture profile with that channel layout. Does anyone know of a profile on the ION that has this channel layout?