1. ademhayyu1

    ETCNomad and Element mirroring

    Hello, I just got a new ETCNomad and a wifi router for our school's lighting console. I'm having trouble mirroring the console to my Nomad. They're both on the same wifi (the console is connected via ethernet and my Nomad is connected via Wifi) but I still get the same "Finding Master Console"...
  2. Noah Abrams

    Etc Eos Gadget 2/ion

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on here and hope I can get some good feedback. I have recently purchased an ETC Gadget 2 DMX to USB interface. I love being able to have the functionality of an ion with a fraction of the price tag. Is there any affordable ways to connect an external...
  3. starksk

    Fred Foster Passes Away

    ETC co-founder and CEO Fred Foster passed away on February 8, 2019 at the age of 61. Foster was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and fought a courageous battle lasting years longer than originally projected. Foster leaves behind a legacy of a company that has impacted the theatrical world in...
  4. M

    ETC Express upgrade

    Hey all! New to CB, but so far see a wealth of info out there! Small community theatre here with a 282 seat house. Have a ETC Express and looking to upgrade so we can start incorporating LED, moving lights, etc. Am considering an Element or Element 2, possibly preowned due to budget...
  5. zackconn44

    Showbaby 6 with Chauvet freedom pars

    So I have a city theatrical Showbaby Wireless DMX 6 attached to my etc ion. I was wondering if that could connect to the wireless Chauvet FlareCon that is contained within each freedom par. I know they both run on the same frequency so how would I make them communicate?
  6. venuetech

    Bounce focus tips??

    A speed square is usualy hanging around. I taped a string with a small weight onto the back side with the electric at spike you can stand at the desired focus point, and line up the fixture with the back of the square. make note of the angle fly the electric in to a working hight then...
  7. Rose03

    Microvision Or ETC Nomad?

    I have quite a predicament on my hands, I am looking to buy a DMX controller and I have narrowed it down to two possible candidates. Etc Nomad EOS or a microvision. Each is around the same price. The Pros of the microvision are I would have the opportunity to learn a new desk language, its an...
  8. Rose03

    Old Lighting Desk For Sale

    Since my recent foray into lighting I have always been interested by the earlier etc and strand consoles (particularly the light palettes and microvision). To my frustration I haven't been able to find any for sale. Could anyone point me on the right direction?
  9. Rose03

    ETC EOS Admin Account

    I noticed the other day that there was a second account called admin on my ion. The account has a password on it and etc would not tell me what it is. Does anyone know what it may be?
  10. Chase P.

    ETC stage pin outlets loose

    Hey folks One of the venues I freelance in had an ETC system installed in their mainstage and their blackbox as part of a whole building renovation about four years ago. The mainstage has a mixture of panel mounted stage pin outlets and Socco outlets, and the blackbox has ETC Smartbars. I'm...
  11. A

    ETC Express 24/28 Problems

    Hello everyone! I am a student at a not so fortunate public high school. We have the ETC Express 24/48 and it's nearing its final moments. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how I can hopefully get this working. So, it's been probably around a month since the board was used and today I...
  12. W

    Control/Dimming 2'x4' LED Panel Control - ETC Foundry or Echo

    I am new to this forum and new to lighting in general, but I have done some research to try and educate myself before asking questions. I have been the sound guy at our church for quite some time, and have the fortunate opportunity to look at ways to improve the lighting in our sanctuary. The...
  13. Conner Jones

    Anyone know how to program this?

    Mystery panel by Conner Jones posted May 6, 2018 at 4:31 PM Hey guys, This light panel is in the rack at my new job and it controls all our house lights. It also controls our shell lights. The shell is 3 hung sections that flip from vertical to horizontal to make the roof. Pretty standard...
  14. D

    Control/Dimming Sensor+ Dimmer Rack Dimmers Failing

    I am working with a Sensor+ Dimmer rack with R25D2 Dimmers. They keep on failing. Either not actually outputting power or not outputting consistently. The person that installed the rack entered the dimmer types in as R20D units. Could this be causing my problems?
  15. S

    ETC GIO - Effects Help - Tilt and reset

    I'm just entering into the intermediate stage of programming for a church in SFL. I'm trying to create an effect and still follow some of the guidelines set by the staff. The effect is for 8 Mavericks (4 Flown, 4 on the ground) I'm trying to get them to tilt down in pairs (2 High, 2 Low)...
  16. ademhayyu1

    Patching a dmx fog machine to ETC Element 40

    Greetings, I am the lighting designer and tech supervisor at my high school and this year we're planning on buying a fog machine and I'm doing some research on some good fog machines. I chose the Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1800 Flex Adjustable Angle Fog Machine (25,000 CFM) because of the dmx...
  17. R

    Cloning an ETC Element harddrive

    Good morning everyone. I have an ETC Element console with a drive that is probably going flaky. Having another ETC Element die last year (1 week before run) and completely losing everything, I am a little gun shy when it comes to depending on a mechanical drive when SSDs are so cheap and...
  18. R

    ETC Sensor3 "switched" D20 v relay/thrupower

    Our space is transitioning bit by bit to LED and I have a few questions: 1. Some of the fixtures are conventional source4s with source4wrd retro units attached. I know these are designed to safely be dimmer dimmed but the quality is awful unless maybe you have more than one fixture on one...
  19. W

    Control/Dimming Is my CEM Classic behaving normally?

    Hey guys, I'm working in a TV studio with a few seperate spaces that are all controlled by their own sensor classic dimmer rack. We're not using ETCNet, and don't have any distribution between these spaces. The problem(?) I'm seeing is that the cooling fan never shuts off after loss of control...
  20. T1NM4N

    Design Issues and Solutions 3D Live Render software for Fun?

    Hello all! It's been a while since I've posted here. A lot has happened since Grad school but I am back to ask a question about rendering. Many of you might remember a post I did a year or two back about connecting WYSIWYG to the Offline Nomad software on the same computer. Now I'm asking...