1. L

    FS: ETC Expression 3 400ch (Reduced!)

    Hi All, Up for sale is my ETC Expression 3 400 channel console that was manufactured in 2007. I am the second owner and before I bought it, it was owned by a church that upgraded to a Congo a few years ago. In short, it has been very well taken care of! I've made sure to keep it clean on a...
  2. Tim Boyer

    ETC Smartpack (x2)

    All - make me an offer. I've included a picture from B & H so that you can see the retail pricing. I want to clarify - this is for TWO brand new 12 channel dimmers. It's a killer price, and I need to move the gear so please contact me if you have interest. We can figure out the shipping too...
  3. T

    Control/Dimming EOS 2.3 Color not matching

    Hello All, I'm looking for some help with ETC Eos 2.3 software showing me incorrect colors on the color picker with LED fixtures with more than RGB leds. I have RGBA and RGBW and both devices are not accurate to the color picker. Which means the gel pickers are not accurate either. Which also...
  4. nlandis

    Control/Dimming ETC Paradigm Wall Panel Indicators

    I'm working in a brand-new concert hall that, in addition to having a full console for more complex events, has two so-called "Master Lighting Control" panels for simpler control that seem to be custom-designed interfaces for the venue's Paradigm system. Besides controlling all the stage lights...
  5. Joshua Hoffman

    ETC ION generic fixtures

    Hello ION users, I have a generic led fixture where the first channel is the intensity and the following channels are Red Blue Green, and I couldn't find a fixture profile with that channel layout. Does anyone know of a profile on the ION that has this channel layout?
  6. K

    Hog 4 PC Network over sACN or Art-Net

    So, I'm in a pickle I'm going to be designing (which around here means being an entire lighting crew) a show, and I really need/want every intelligent fixture we have for this show, but some dumb scheduling has left me with an express, where I was planning on a Hog 3. I've been running Hog 3 PC...