1. matcreyn

    Radiance Hazer not pulling fluid

    I’m having trouble with one of our Radiance Hazers. It won’t pull fluid into the thermal assembly. Things I’ve checked are: 1. I replaced the air pump. 2. The air pump is receiving its appropriate 120V at the circuit board. 3. DMX, manual, and remote all work to trigger the fan, so it’s not a...
  2. L

    FS: Ultratec Radiance Hazer (New in box)

    Hello all,Up for grabs is an Ultratec Radiance Hazer, new in box, that has been hanging out in climate controlled storage for a few years. (My apologies for taking up two threads in the place of one. Couldn't figure out how to edit the header on my other listing...)Taking offers, but...
  3. A

    Chauvet 4D Hazer Problem

    We have a couple of the Chauvet Hurricane Hazers. I'm having a weird issue and looking for ideas. The quick problem is that they lose DMX. They will be on, DMX engaged, all working fine, and then randomly the DMX channel starts flashing on the units and they quit working until a power cycle or...
  4. M

    Studio Space Hazer Recommendation

    Hello Collective, I am looking for a quiet, small/medium-sized hazer for my studio space. Budget-wise I have up to $1000 to spend. Our room is roughly 50' x 30' with a 12' ceiling. I am most interested in people's personal experience with smaller hazers because the sound is my biggest concern...
  5. Chris James

    Hello/Chauvet Haze blwr?

    Brief intro; I'm a budget minded musician in a few bands that also runs sound for other bands and getting into DMX lighting.With that said, I have a pair of old Chauvet Ultimate HZ hazers a fellow musician gave me (because someone put the wrong juice in a water based hazer!). They had been...
  6. Z

    Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D

    First, is this the correct forum for a hazer issue? If so, anyone knows how to take the Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D apart to get to the pump?
  7. Outlanderfrog

    Hazers for Arena

    Hey all!A university I freelance for is building a new sports arena and I'm looking for hazer recommendations, having never spec'ed a venue of that size. Almost every tour that comes thru my home venue recently has had the base hazer pro, but I have no experience with it. Price isn't a huge...
  8. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Amhaze Whisper User Manual Rev. 1

    Amhaze Whisper an ideal haze machine for use in television studios and theatrical productions where discreet operation and rapid heat up time are key. The speed of the fan is controllable and the volume of haze fully adjustable up to a maximum of 7000 cfm.
  9. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Amhaze II User Manual Rev. 3

    Amhaze II is a road-worthy water-based haze machine suited for large-scale applications. Amhaze II is built specifically to function with a wide variety of water-based haze fluids and features a durable, low-profile road case to survive the rigors of touring and production. The output and speed...
  10. ngmouse

    Jem ZR24/7 Hazer: "Flu out" error

    Hey all,Every now and then said hazer gives an error indicating it's out of fluid, despite the bottle being full. This causes the machine to stop producing haze until I do a prime reset--easy fix, but not something I want to have to worry about during the run of the show.The machine tests...
  11. J

    Onstage Grill "Flare-up"

    In our upcoming production of Tar Beach by Tammy Ryan, there is a moment in which a grill is supposed to flare up on stage (described as "a huge plume of fire"). Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to do this w/o any pyro? I think that trying to mount a hazer or fogger in the grill...
  12. B

    Fog/Haze without setting off fire alarms

    I am DJing a dance tomorrow. The room I will be using is mane 200 or so Square Feet and I have a fat beam laser that needs fog. The problem is that the room has smoke detectors and fire alarms that are connected to the fire department and my crap 1000 watt fog machine is known to set off fire...
  13. M

    Haze through holes in stage deck

    Is it possible to send haze down a pipe which is released through many holes in the stage deck? Many smoke machines have ducting attachments for this sort of thing but I haven't found any such thing for hazers. Any reason for this?
  14. Endeavor Kowalski

    Haze bad for diabetics?

    Hello all, I have been trying to get Haze approved for a "Rock and Roll" production at my school and my supervisor said I could not use haze because "it is bad for diabetics when it touches their skin." I would like to know if anyone has herd of any cases like this or if it could be harmful to...
  15. TheTheaterGeek

    Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D Issues

    We have a Chauvet Hurricane 2D and it crap itself earlier this week.When plugged in, Fan turns on at full but display does not work, Buttons dont change anything, nor does dmx.Any ideas?Clay