Hello/Chauvet Haze blwr?

Chris James

New Member
Mar 28, 2018
Brief intro; I'm a budget minded musician in a few bands that also runs sound for other bands and getting into DMX lighting.

With that said, I have a pair of old Chauvet Ultimate HZ hazers a fellow musician gave me (because someone put the wrong juice in a water based hazer!). They had been dismantled for about 6 yrs. I found new pumps and heaters for both and got one working perfect. The other needs a blower motor (not about to drop $190 from Chauvetparts). We would love to get these working again for our Pink Floyd Tribute band.

If anyone has either an Ultimate HZ 1000 or a Hurricane 2 or 2D that is busted/smashed or whatever I would love to get/buy the blower motor from it (+I'll cover shipping).
I also know of someone that wanted the DMX board from mine (if I can't fix it), or yours if we're parting it out?

Off to find more interesting info in your forum......