1. AshleyB

    DMXKing Micro from USBc?

    ***Updated** (issue resolved)The adapter is fine. Just needed to update my OS. Qlab support did say its important to make sure you have an adapter that can carry enough power for your node.I'll leave this if anyone has a issue similar in future...
  2. AlexDavila

    MIDI Heads-Up Display app for Mac

    Hi ya'll.I'm looking for an app that I can leave open on a mac that acts as a heads-up display for an old Yamaha 01v that I'm operating remotely. I'd like to set it up so as the 01v changes scenes, it outputs a corresponding Program Change message that triggers some lightweight app on my local...
  3. mreilly0605

    ETC Nomad keyboard cover

    I use ETC nomad to remotely control my ETC element from my MacBook, but am still very confused by all the shortcuts and hotkeys.Any recommendations for keyboard covers with the hotleys listed.
  4. Z

    Dante and MacOS Catalina

    Do not put a Mac on a Dante network that is running Catalina... It is a disaster. Wait for the updated version of Dante Control to be released. They are really slow at releasing an update.
  5. J

    How to setup Enttech DMX Pro Mk2 on Mac

    Can’t wait (i.e., impatient) for tech support to open tomorrow — hoping you guys might be helpful.Just got an Enttech DMX Pro Mk2 (USB) for my MacBook Air (2011).Problem is it continues to blink white, which apparently means idle and ready, and I am not able to get any Qlab commands to be...
  6. Rose03

    QLab alternatives for old macs

    Our theater recently had a 2005 power mac fall into our laps, is there any way we can put this thing to use besides as a door stop? I was hoping to use it for audio as it has optical audio out. We need software similar to qlab, but will run on a power pc cpu.
  7. vman

    New V-Control 4.0 Open Source Show Control Software

    I want to introduce my brand new V-Control 4.0.V-Control is (as far as I know) the only Open Source Show Control Software for professional usage. V-Control is available for Windows 64 Bit, Linux 64 Bit, Raspberry Pi 32 Bit, and soon for MacOS X.V-Control 4 is not really comparable with...
  8. H

    Automated Fixtures Martin Mac 2000 Performance II - LERR + Flickering issue

    Hello All,I am having an issue with one of our Martin Mac 2000 Performances. The fixture boots up as normal however the "Service" light is illuminated.Once I send the Lamp On command via the Console [ETC Ion], I can clearly hear the Relay click. After a moment the display starts to flash...
  9. TheTheaterGeek

    Automated Fixtures Mac 2K Performance Hanging Question

    Can you hang a mac 2k horizontally? 90° from a vertical pipe?Can't find it in the manual.
  10. WFair

    Automated Fixtures Troubleshooting Flickering MAC2000 Performance

    I have recently gotten my hands on several Martin MAC2000 Performance fixtures that have been heavily used but still seemed to be working fine. I did a very quick test of all the functions with them sitting on my stage and everything looked fine. I have now hung them (so they are upside down...
  11. M

    Creating a custom scoreboard projection

    I'm trying to make myself a simple live digital scoreboard projection, but what I thought would be an easy task is proving either outrageously expensive or tough on a Mac. All I'm looking for is to overlay text boxes on a scoreboard graphic and manipulate it without the audience seeing my mouse...
  12. D

    ETCnomad Via Etcnet

    I am running ETCnomad can i get my DMX through an exciting system with an ETCnet hookup. I tried plugging the ethernet cable in but it was not being recognized as being in a network port in network settings in the shell. I am running from a Mac.
  13. Oliver Guy

    Design Issues and Solutions Martin Mac 301 not booting?

    Hi there,We just recently purchased 6 Martin Mac 301 fixtures from 4Wall ( They were all working great, but one of them was taking about 45 seconds longer to boot. After about 2 days of use, this one will not turn on at all. The fan on the underside of the fixture will not...
  14. H

    Martin Mac 2k Performance OPEN error

    Hello all,I have a Martin Mac 2k Performance that until the other day was working fine with no issues. Suddenly it began displaying an "OPEN" error which according to the general users manual means the Lamp access panel is not fully secured. I have checked the panel many times and replaced the...
  15. bmcewing

    LED spot/profile recommendations

    Hello, I am currently halfway through upgrading my venue's lighting stock which consisted of strand 2k alto fresnels/profiles and 24 1k pars. Our strand 530i has been replaced with a grandma2 ultra light with additional touchscreen and fader wing. FOH: 6 b-eye k10s, 8 robe dl4s. On stage: 12...
  16. Matt Davidson

    External solid state drive

    A smaller theatre I work with has a lovely iMac 5k that has the high end specs that had been refurbished so we got it on the cheap. The only flaw with it is it carries a regular 7200 RPM hard drive. I'm already aware of how difficult it is to open a new iMac ("moderate" actually) so I was...
  17. Mark Neisser

    Any successful RS232 Serial control of a projector via a Mac?

    I have been bashing my head against the wall trying to control any of my 15 projectors via serial commands and my macbook pro.I am using a USB serial interface with CoolTerm and a cross over serial cable. I see the usb serial driver and looping back pin 2 & 3 shows the exact hex code that...