QLab alternatives for old macs


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Our theater recently had a 2005 power mac fall into our laps, is there any way we can put this thing to use besides as a door stop? I was hoping to use it for audio as it has optical audio out. We need software similar to qlab, but will run on a power pc cpu.


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If you are interested in installing the 2.3.9 version of Qlab, it should still work on your machine. Be aware that Figure 53 hasn't offered any support for these versions for years now, and they will not be able to sell you a license for advanced features because they have changed their licensing system. Use at your own risk, but worked for many of us for many years!

http://web.archive.org/web/20160808060136/http://figure53.com/qlab/download/archive <-- Use the very last download (2.3.9)

Hope this helps!

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