1. A

    Triggering StageTracks w/ QLab

    So I'm very new to QLab and sound work in general. I was provided with a StageTracks license for the show and I've been trying to get QLab (I'm currently running QLab4) to play the tracks in StageTracks all on the same PC (running both programs at once) using OSCulator, but I have almost 0 clue...
  2. Alfonso

    Showcockpit ETC Nomad

    Hello, I'm currently trying to map a Behringer xtouch compact to ETC nomad using showcockpit. I was wondering if anyone had a setup like this they're currently using? I'm having a hard time with the osc part.
  3. AlexDavila

    MIDI Heads-Up Display app for Mac

    Hi ya'll.I'm looking for an app that I can leave open on a mac that acts as a heads-up display for an old Yamaha 01v that I'm operating remotely. I'd like to set it up so as the 01v changes scenes, it outputs a corresponding Program Change message that triggers some lightweight app on my local...
  4. Lansledo

    Is there a bulk midi program????

    Can anyone help me!! I started programing Top 40 midi files in the the late 80's. I have more than 2000 songs programmed. My problem started when a friend came over and started changing midi channels on my gear. He changed my drum machine mid Cannel to Ch 1. Gen Midi is set to 10. He changed...
  5. P

    Design Sending MIDI from Alcorn McBride + WinScript to Elation Show Designer 2 Lighting Board

    I'm designing a 4D simulation using an Alcorn McBride V16 Pro as the base controller. For the lights, the V16 has MIDI out which I'm sending to an SD2 lighting board. The issue is that the MIDI format is different than standard MIDI (e.g. it uses its own message format instead of 0-127). Does...
  6. B

    MIDI controller as Ion XE fader wing

    Hello!My community theatre group recently acquired and ETC Ion XE. I am looking for an inexpensive way to have physical faders, as the virtual fader display is a little inconvenient, even with touchscreen monitors. Is it possible to connect a MIDI controller directly into the console via USB...
  7. G

    Ion XE and QLab OSC

    Hi CBI'm in a bit of a bind trying to set up QLab to control my Ion XE via OSC. I have previously controlled an ETC Express via QLab MIDI cues, but the Ion XE doesn't have MIDI ports. Currently, I'm waiting on a USB to MIDI adapter to see if I can run it that way, but in the meantime I have...
  8. D

    Control/Dimming Strand 250ML MIDI

    Hello, I have a Strand 250ML in our school's auditorium (not by choice :) ). I am trying to find a way to use its MIDI Interference to have Qlab send cue commands to the Lighting Board via MIDI. I have found little to no information on this and I want to pick your all's brains on this. This...
  9. Joël Huxtable

    Midi wing for HegeHog 4

    I'm curious about using a midi controller as a wing of my Hedgehog. I like APC mini. I can't find any definitive answer if this will work. Can i assign faders, etc. Someone mentioned OSC, but im nt sure the works with hard controllers. Any help would be appreciated.Akai Professional APC Mini
  10. R

    USB midi and IPmidi - Can't seem to use both!

    Hello,New member here so be gentle.I'm looking for some help with an issue with Qlab 4 and sending MSC commands from my Mac to our ION desk. Firstly, I had it all setup and working to send commands over USB to fire the lighting cues. For our normal performances (live conferences, live...
  11. C

    Programming video on the ETC ION board

    I was wondering what the best practices for programming video on the ETC ION are. We're thinking we have to cue Q-Lab through the ion board (having one cue list for lighting and another cue list for video, and then linking them together). I've never done this before so any help would be greatly...
  12. H

    Qlab MIDI Control

    I've been trying to control a ION light board with Qlab and a USB to MIDI wire. I have all the licenses. But nothing happens when I press go.
  13. Harrison

    MIDI SysEx w/ Leprecon console and QLab

    I’m working on a small middle school production, and my plan was to use Qlab as a show control device. I would be running projections, sound cues and lighting cues from my Macbook Pro, eliminating the need for multiple computers and operators. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the...
  14. Rachel S

    MIDI cable

    Hello, Question about Midi. Some of the stuff I've read suggest that MIDI starts to loose its integrity. I need a 200ft run to connect a drum set to my ETC Ion. Any suggestions on how to help maintain integrity?
  15. Rachel S

    Strobes and MIDI

    Hello,I'm the ME for a production of the Tempest and the LD wants to use MIDI controlled strobes for the opening storm sequence. There will be an electric drum set that should be able to control the strobes individually. I'm not sure how to hook it up. I've never used MIDI with lighting...
  16. thematthewman

    Martin M6 MIDI trigger

    Im starting to work with the Martin M6 console and I would like to trigger some video from the console. Is there a way to be able to send a specific MIDI note out of the console?Thanks
  17. TheTheaterGeek

    Design Midi Clock for Actors Onstage

    Im looking for a way to display the midi clock to the actors onstage.Any solutions?Clay
  18. Dshoklighting

    MSC: Ion controlling Qlab 3

    Hello interwebs! Working with a projection designer right now and having issues with our MSC setup. I did this a few months ago and stupidly decided not to write anything down. Running on the latest software in both Ion and Qlab 3, but cant seem to get the Midi to connect.I've run through...
  19. M

    ION and MSC from Qlab 3 HELP QUICK

    Hello I am in currently a bit of a tight spot.I am trying to trigger my light Q's in an ETC ION via MSC messages in Qlab 3. I have done everything just about every manual says to do in terms of device ID, Shocwontrol setup in the console, and making sure that the MSC cue in Qlab is set to...
  20. osimidi

    New Control midi for Avolites Titan One

    a very cheap solution is Avolites Titan One + Osimidi Control a demonstration and configuration video:https://youtu.be/7z5NwGEUhbcdemo videos:https://youtu.be/ONgI1E6jZ9Y https://youtu.be/2r_41RICq7YCheers.