1. MusicNinja610

    Fake bags of flour.

    Needing to create 50lbs sized bags of flour for a bakery scene, but Im wanting them to be significantly lighter. Catch is they need to be firm enough to sit on like you would a stack of bags. So it cant be pillow stuffing. Just looking for ideas. Thanks so much.
  2. tdtastic

    Herbal Cigarettes that DON'T stink????

    Is this even a thing? Having to do another smoking bit....ugh. We've used herbal cigs before but they stink the place up worse than a real one, and for weeks! Has anyone had luck with a brand that doesn't reek as badly????
  3. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4 - Lessons from Hurricane Harvey: The Alley Theatre’s Prop Salvage & Recovery Saga

    Webinar description: In late August 2017, Hurricane Harvey dropped 50+ inches of rain in the Houston metro area. This led to exhaustive flooding all over the city, including inundating the Alley Theatre’s Neuhaus Stage and Props storage areas with more than 19 feet of water. This session will...
  4. J

    Curious Incident train set rental?

    Hello! I'm a props designer in southern Minnesota looking to rent a big train set for our production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. If there's any production that has one or rented one recently, I'd love a response! Thank you
  5. ScenicKatie

    Casters For Rolling Chairs

    Hey there!I am working on the set for a high school production of GREASE and the choreographer is hoping for 10 rolling chairs for Beauty School Dropout. My stage is rather beat up hard wood so I am looking for the best casters for a smooth and quiet ride during the number. Any suggestions...
  6. chouston

    Are 3D printed props worth it?

    I am the technical director for the theatre dept. of a K - 12 school for LD students in Dallas. We are moving to a new, bigger campus in a little over a year and I have the opportunity to purchase all sorts of new technology. One thing I am considering is buying a 3D printer for the...
  7. Fusrohdave

    Having trouble with casters on angled steel tubing

    Im working on a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie and I need to make some rolling desks. My Producing artistic director decided to order $1000 worth of desks without asking me and ended up getting those combination school desks with the angled back legs. It’s made of 1 1/4” steel tubing...
  8. Z

    Any experience with Smoot-On Urecoat?

    I've been using Urecoat for a while now. Its a really good product so long as you stick very strictly to the 10:1 ratio. We've been looking at a new prop item that would be purchased premade as a finished fiberglass object and then we would be sticking (hopefully) Urecoat to a section of the...
  9. Jon Taylor

    A glowing sword?

    We’re doing a production of "The Nutcracker: A Play" and the script calls for a glowing magic sword. I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to create this (on a community theater budget). The sword will be used in stage combat.Suggestions I’ve had so far include a black light effect or...
  10. tdtastic

    Medieval/Renaissance Banners

    We have ONCE UPON A MATTRESS on this summer and the designer has come up with a HUGE castle set with a thousand and one little bits and things. One of which are painted 'banners' that would hang in the 'great hall.' Our painter doesn't have time to do these. Is there some magical source for...
  11. WFair

    Hand Props General Categories

    This summer I will be embarking on a complete overhaul of my props storage. I intend to pull it all out, categorize it, photograph it, bin it (in clear plastic), and put most of it back in an organized manner. If you have a well-organized prop inventory, would you mind sharing the general...
  12. C

    Transforming Props & Costumes

    Hey- I searched this site for any mention of transforming props, but I couldn't find a thread that fit my needs.I was tasked with designing a prop that has to transform onstage. What are some instances in which a prop changes onstage? Either by actor interaction, crew interaction, lighting...
  13. J

    Seeking tips to add efficiency to my lighting, sound, props and paint.

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be doing a presentation on "Efficiency in Tech" at a local teachers conference to try and provide fellow teachers with tips, tricks, strategies and products to help them more efficiently run their classes, shops, and productions.The main topics that my section of the...
  14. tdtastic

    faux rivet heads

    Looking for clever idea to create tons of faux rivet heads that can be attached to luan. I like the large upholstery tack idea, but want something that can mount onto the surface, not puncture. Also don't want to have to cast anything. I want to be able to walk into a store and buy a crap ton...
  15. shannonlusk81

    Hello From Vegas (some more, cause I know there's a lot of us here)

    Hi Everyone,I'm Shannon, I am the onsite props lead for David Saxe Productions, I started out in wardrobe for many years and have recently (about 6 months ago) transitioned to props. I grew up in Alaska and moved out here to the desert about 3 years ago.Ask me anything, pepper me with...
  16. C

    Semele - Fire table

    I'm currently working on a production of Semele by Handel at college (RWCMD) and am trying to figure out how to get two lines of fire to stay alight for at least 10 minutes. Any ideas appreciated but must be real flames!
  17. JJ McAd

    Making It and Faking It

    Hello, I'm a 2nd year Props and Puppet Technician for a cruise line. I graduated with a BFA in Theatre Technology with a focus on Scenic and Props and a minor concentration in Stage Management, so when I went to SETC and got a job offer to start as soon as I graduated- for an actual props...
  18. J

    Onstage Grill "Flare-up"

    In our upcoming production of Tar Beach by Tammy Ryan, there is a moment in which a grill is supposed to flare up on stage (described as "a huge plume of fire"). Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to do this w/o any pyro? I think that trying to mount a hazer or fogger in the grill...
  19. WFair

    How to make large (inexpensive) breakaway glass - Isomaltitol?

    I have been researching breakaway glass options for a large window. Clearly alfonso's sells the best "real deal" but it is much too expensive (several thousand dollars) for the high school production I am working on. I am trying to make a large window that an actor can dive through. I could...
  20. emseajay

    Thoughts to make a shooting star?

    Hi folks,I am designing a production of Mary Poppins this summer, and it is (apparently) my task to find a solution for the shooting star at the end of the show. I've asked around but am still not very sure where to begin and would like some ideas/suggestions. It should be noted that...