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A Few Questions ...

Discussion in 'Scenery, Props, and Rigging' started by Darci Faye, Dec 6, 2018 at 12:55 AM.

  1. Darci Faye

    Darci Faye Member

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    So my plan is to Bonnie & Clyde in June and Matilda in July (my excitement is through the roof!) but there are a few things I can’t figure out.

    Ideas on how to build the death car and non death car for B&C? My goal is for it not to look cheesy.

    And how do you do the special effect of the chalk writing on the chalk board on its own for Matilda? I know it must have something to do with magnets, but I can’t figure it out. Also the glass tipping over on its own?

    Thanks! At least I have time to figure these shows out, but I’m stumped with these set pieces.
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  2. Crisp image

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    Eastern Victoria Australia
    Wow you will be busy. Love Matilda.
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