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Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Nicknames are for Closers, Aug 19, 2019.

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    Our school auditorium is currently being upgraded to a Crestron architectural control system. Our theatre has two DMX universes, and plenty of spare outputs, but we don’t have any spare DMX inputs into the system. What I’m wondering is:

    I’m sure people in this community have encountered this before, is there any way to easily connect the Crestron architectural control into a DMX controlled system?

    Is the easiest solution is to purchase a DMX merger?

    I’ve heard that I could have them run new cable to the dimmer room and plug into the second input of the actual dimmer, is this a thing? Do dinners have a second input?

    Thanks, all,
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    Most modern dimmer racks have a second input that is used mainly for architectural lighting. It would be good to know the make and model of your system to know if it exists.
    I try to avoid DMX mergers because they can become a failure point.
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    Some systems, Unison ("Oldinson") and Paradigm for instance, have a serial input port that Crestron can talk to. That's my preferred method to interface, and allow the Crestron stations to select presets.

    Crestron does have DMX interfaces, though they seem to be single universe so may need two and a lot more programming. What you have now and what you want Crestron to do are key.
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    What's the crestron going to do? Everything?
    In my experience, the second universe may have been added for more light sources such as LEDs, moving lights or a new dimmer rack being added. I'm assuming the crestron will only be needed to control houselights and basic frontwash.
    I'd look at how the plan of disabling the crestron will be achieved.
    Definitely don't want the password miraculously being disabled and some kid poking at the wall panel during the dance number and turing the lights off.
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    what is the dimmer rack?

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