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I recently got a stereo to xlr specially designed byAFAB Enterprises, 135 Industry Ave. Frankfort, IL 60423 phone: 877-229-3601, for converting stereo output on a boom box to xlr that goes directly in to the mixer! and for under $30!! yay
Why don't you just go from 1/8" to 1/4" which is a lot cheaper than $30?
Well, I dont know what its for...
it certainly isnt for connecting a line out on a laptop/discman/whatever to a mixer

I'd use a 1/8" to to 1/4" cable, or the cheaper way, a 1/8" to RCA, then an RCA to 1/4" into the mixer.
return the $30 cable
goto the pawn shop, buy a $25 cd player.......
problem solved.

not to mention that running the headphone out into a mic input is sound to sound awful. Also, I dare you to turn on the phantom power ;-P
8 channel box like mixer , i don't do that at work, i use the gemini cd-j 20s.I only use the boombox at school where we are ignored!

End of story!!!

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