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How does a source 4 junior compare to a regular S4? a 360Q? We're looking into buying a few new lights at my school and before I make my recomendations I wanted to see what people with more experience with the different fixtures think. I know that 360Q's are very affordable used, but finding used S4's wouldn't be bad either. :D Currently all of the ER's we're using are 360Q's. I really don't have any specific questions compmarison wise, just seeking any information people have.
A standardized fixture and lamp is a good thing, but than of course adding more efficient fixtures is also useful.

This all said, unless really on a budget avoid the Junior, it's not as well designed a fixture in any way other than by budget.

There is Selcon, ETC, Strand, L&E and Altman offering more efficient fixtrues out there. HOpe not to offend other lines such as Times Square that might also. Third generation Lekos all have their advantages and disadvantages around them. Lamp is especially one part of it and each will clame a more efficient lamp.

At a certain point however, even with old fixtures a good lamp in it is going to be just as good at some point in a good design.

So what do you wish for in your budget, a few new, some used but the same style, or lots more older style?

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