Hey, I'm Jess


Hey there, ControlBooth!

I'm new here, I was referred by my good friend and classmate Phil000, so I just wanted to make my first post to say hello!

I'm a tech theatre student at Kent State University with a concentration in Lighting. I've done quite a bit of work at one of Kent's satellite branches for the last several years, serving as LD, ME, and board opt, but other than that, I am fairly new on the whole lighting scene, especially at the main campus.

Well, that's a little about me. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and hearing your advice!



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Welcome, JAB. You must know phil000. He was active in November when he first signed up, and we haven't heard from him since. What's the one tech question you've always wanted to ask? Use the search tool, and if you can't find the answer, ask away.


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Welcome to the Booth Jess. There are lots of great people around here. You'll probably find yourself right in the middle of the pool here. There are some old pro's who really know their stuff that you can learn from. But there are also a lot of high school techs just starting out who will look up to you as the big shot from the college. So please jump right in and post away. Just be warned it's almost as addictive as eating those cute little Australian animals. :drool:


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well howdy Jess...
I'm still around, just hiding in the shadows (it's a natural tech thing)...I don't really step forward to post until I think I can contribute something, therefore, am usually quiet...

But I've been around offering advice here and there


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Welocome welcome. need I say more? Most of what I would say has been said. Ask questions, answers questions, and you will find this to become your second home!


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Welcome aboard! Glad to have ya.


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it's almost as addictive as eating those cute little Australian animals. :drool:

Australians are people too :)

oh you meant our wildlife, oh i see

welcome to the booth jess, sorry about the welcoming process:rolleyes:


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Jess, you'll soon learn that this is a very welcoming community...
...strange, yes, but we're in theater right?

Take care kid,
P.S. don't let gafftaper make any nagging demands about any free spreadsheets you put out...


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sorry about the welcoming process
Or more correctly, hazing.

It's not that bad considering some other places.
(that RFL down there in my signature was not easy to get)

Anyhow, welcome to the insanity that is Controlbooth.
If you stay out of general conversation topics, we're actually pretty tame.

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