HS LED Strip Light suggestions


Jan 24, 2014
We are looking to upgrade our theater's lighting. The choir has rented 5
Xstatic DAZZLER RGBWA 60x3 Watt LED Bar with IRC in the past to light our cyc. I'd like us to purchase instruments that will give us more range of colors and brightness and darkness. Any affordable suggestions?
Our stage is 40'W x 14'H x 35'D
Thanks a million!


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May 28, 2009
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What’s your budget?
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Jan 30, 2010
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The goto solution at the moment is the ETC ColorSource Cyc. At 40' X 14' - you'd need at a minimum 4 if 5' from cyc, 5 if 4', and 6 if 3' - as a ballpark and at a minimum. 1 or 2 more at each distance will look noticeably better.

You can find them for around $1600 online but suspect you'll have another $50-100 to get them shipped and all in place and working. Is that affordable for you? I don't know, but $3000 is a very small budget to light a cyc under any circumstances.

Ultimately, what is acceptable is your own judgement and you should try to arrange a comparison. Altman and Chauvet should both be considered.


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Feb 15, 2017
The Chauvet Professional new iteration of COLORado Batten 72x has a minimum advertised price of US$936; you can probably buy for less if you call the dealer and ask for their best offer. Not sure you'll make the $3k budget, though. Can you buy used?

We have a couple dozen of the original Batten 72 in our lighting shop and we've been happy with them. My city's PAC has the Batten 144 since they came out and have had a couple go back to Chauvet for service. Overall my shop is a satisfied user/owner.


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@AntoineMo there are three ways of doing this.

The cheap way is to get something like the ones you rented. It's a random no name brand imported direct from China. I imagine they have a very "digital" look to the color and light pastel colors look nothing like a gel on an incandescent light. When you turn them on even the least trained person in the room will say, there's something different about that light. When they break... And they will, possibly fairly soon as these products are designed to look good out of the box, they don't care if they work a week later... You will probably have to throw them away and buy new ones.

The middle ground. Buy a lower priced product from somewhere like American DJ, Elation, or Chauvet DJ. Or call your local dealer and buy their house brand. These will cost a bit more, but not much. The light quality will be a bit better. But there are two advantages that are critical. They are made by a company that cares about their reputation and customer service, so the quality is better. Secondly if they break, it's likely that you can actually get parts.

The best thing to do. Buy something from either ETC ColorSource or Chauvet Professional. These will cost quite a bit more than junk from China but they look correct. You won't cringe at the way the color blends with the rest of the rig. Secondly they will stand behind these products. They will last longerand ccan be repaired. I have a set of Chauvet Professional Ovation B2805-fc lights on my cyc and they are excellent. Here's a link to my review.