IR for security camera


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we have a security camera that we found in a backstage storage cage and wwe want to set up, however it is quite old and probably does not have any IR light, I know there was a discussion a while back about use of an IR light with a camera backstage, but does the camera need a special sensor in it of some kind or will any camera work if i provide a light source?
It might pay to check out what type of camera you have. I know in our catalog, one of the IR Lights descriptions state "not for use with CMOS cameras" I am not quite sure about the construction of a CMOS camera as opposed to CCD. Anyone got any clues?
I wasn't going to say anything because I was unsure, but I was under the idea that IR illumination worked only/best for CCD cameras.
companies that deal in security systems/cameras usually carry a device called an IR illuminator, or something similar. It's basically a pad of IR LEDs that will light up about a 40 foot area. They cost generally less than $200, and you could probably get one way cheaper than that. They are made for B&W security type cameras, but will work with just about any camera... assuming it does not have an IR filter.

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