Just wanted to Introduce myself

What do you do when not in the theatre?

  • go to a big party

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  • think about theatre or go on sites like this

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  • another activity/ club

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  • i spend every waking hour in the theatre

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My name is Matt, i live in NJ and ive been doin sound for a few years in my school, camp and just around town. I have been reading the posts here on Controlbooth.com for a couple of months, and they have helped me alot and taught me many new things. Just sayin hello to evereone. :D
Hey, sound person, me 2!! You forgot to add "work" to your poll. Cuz that's what I do. Gotta earn money.


It seems like we're getting a bunch of people from the NJ area. Im just north of you, in Southern NY.

Hum, for the poll, it depends if theres a show coming up or not. If a show is coming up, then I spend every waking minuet I have in the theater, if theres no show coming up, im on the web, or talking about the old shows....

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