Oh Crap!


So I'm a sound guy, as you might have guessed from my username. But any way, I'm also in orchestra and we had a concert and I did the lighting for that. It wasn't a problem but then I had to do it for the choir concert, which, in itself wasn't really a problem either (just a headache). But after the choir concert, I was deleting the cues I programed and the board turns off, turns back on and everything is crazy. We have the ETC (or ECT?) Express 24/48 board and we had the house light programed on to channel 96. Well, now, channel one is a single house light and its all down hill from there. What did I do and how to I fix it?
I will bet you $2.31 that it is patched 1:1(as in wrong in most cases)

Find out what the patch should be, hit patch, and patch away!
Ask somebody who would know. If nobody knows, you make it up so it is easy for you to understand. Make sure you make a patch printout or label the faders or something in case it happens again. And feel lucky that your board is advanced enough to have this problem. ;)
Radman said:
feel lucky that your board is advanced enough to have this problem. ;)

i like that... mind if i quote you?
Not at all. ;)
ya, it sounds like you reset the patch 1:1, when you get it back to how it was, remember to save the patch to a floppy disk then you won't have to deal with the problem again just reload the patch from the disk.

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