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Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Loren97, Aug 13, 2019.

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    I have a Leviton NSI DS12-12 dimmer at my church that's been in service for about 6 months. This week it shut off and won't reset. The display is blank and the over-temp light is flashing. I've tried shutting off the power, pushing various buttons but can't get it to reset. Its in a closet that is not air conditioned but shouldn't be getting above the 104 degree temp that the manual says. Its the only thing in the rack with several inches of space above and below. When it shut down was mid-week with no one in the building. The loads are all within range and I only have 4 channels used at that.

    There seems to be very little info out there for troubleshooting. I'm planning to take the cover out and blow it out but can't see how it should be getting dust clogged based on being in a restricted area and only in use once or twice a week for a few hours at a time.

    Any help is appreciated. I need to get the house lights on for next weeks' service! Thanks!
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    Maybe it's not a coincidence that it failed during it's first summer. Is it's cooling fan running or does it turn freely? The manual says the fan is thermostatically controlled and monitored, meaning it has a tachometer. If the fan isn't going when the controller expects it, the unit may shut down. Cooling fans in electronic equipment are notorious for failing, but are usually easy to replace.

    You implied the room is hot, but not how hot. I know the manual says it should be OK up to 104, but sensors and thermostats aren't that accurate. If the room is hot, cool it down for a couple of hours and then try resetting again. The life of electronic equipment is shortened dramatically by heat.
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    The display being blank is a bad sign and suggests that the processor is not booting. I think this is more than an over-temp situation.
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    Computer/Electronic equipment does not like heat. You may want to consider finding a way to cool down the closet. I managed a server room at one point and we kept the room at 68 degrees. The room may have been 68 but the racks were a lot hotter from all the heat the equipment makes. It will be the same with dimmer racks. The HS Theatre that I am involved in has the dimmer rack in an oversized closet, like a walk in closet but we do not have a ceiling on it to help dissipate the heat through the top but still it probably still isn't cool enough for it. We are hoping to get a split unit AC for the closet to keep it cool and also allow us to put a ceiling on it to enclose the room as dust is another enemy of electronic equipment to.
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    Give NSI tech support a call at 1-800-824-3005 option 2. They should be willing to help if it's only 6 months old. You will have to get a return authorization number anyway if the processor is dead. Maybe they will ship you a loaner or expedite the repair.
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    There are some very specific mounting/cooling requirements in the manual - 104 isn't the real criterion. They need a LOT of air moving space off the right side of the rack, which should be an open-frame model. Maybe post a picture of your closet and rack?

    see page 2 of this doc, which is mightily resisting my attempts to select/cut/paste into controlbooth

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    @Loren97 and @Ben Stiegler
    From NSI: (Page 2)
    Mounting: The DS dimmer packs are designed to be mounted in a standard 19" EIA rack. The packs are provided with two mounting flanges or ears, which are designed for securing the pack to the front rack mounting rails. The pack may also be operated as is on top of a sturdy table or shelf. An optional rear support kit is available and should be used in portable, or rough handling rack mount applications. The NSI DS dimmers depend on forced air cooling, therefore the following installation rules apply:
    1. The rack enclosure shall maintain a 2 inch minimum clearance on the entire right side of the dimmer rack enclosure for air exhaust. The rack enclosure must not be sealed, and must maintain an air exhaust clearance area of at least 15 square inches per installed pack for air to flow back to the ambient room.
    2. If the optional rear support kit is used, the right rear support bracket must be cropped to a length that does not block any of the air exhaust vent on the right side of the rack, once the pack is installed. Support bracket length can vary depending on cabinet construction and manufacturer, therefore the bracket should be cropped upon installation.
    3. The intake manifold on the front of the dimmer pack cannot not be blocked for any reason.
    4. The thermal operation of the dimmer pack will depend on its conditions of installation. Ambient room temperature must never exceed 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C. WARNING: If any of the cooling rules above are violated, the packs could suffer permanent damage not covered under warranty.
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