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Many lights start out with one parameter set, and within a few months, an adjustment to the firmware has been made that will now allow you to have 16-bit pan and tilt or separate control over the gobo wheel parameter and its rotation parameter, Mspeed, etc... Then there are the lights that already have these different parameter configurations upon their initial release. These different parameter configurations are known as modes and are usually modified by setting the light's personality via its dip switches or menu platform, and sometimes by upgrading the firmware within the light itself. It's just as important to know a light's modes as it is to know its parameters. When telling the desk what kind of fixture you will be working with, you will often come across several different versions of the same light, the only difference being the mode of operation you wish to work with. If you don't know which mode is most suitable to your individual needs, you won't be able to benefit from either the extra control of the instrument or the conservation of DMX channels.

– Courtesy of lighting programmer Christian Choi.

NOTE: this was posted on the [email protected] but I thought it was something that needed to be known by people who work with intelligent fixtures.
Yes, modes also affect the way a light reacts to ther things, such as having speed channels. I use the Martin 2510 controllers a lot in clubs and that sort of things. Using Martin fixtures in mode 4 (I believe) I can give them speed information thereby being able to do slow movements. Clay Paky for example doesn't have speed channels o those programs are kinda quicky.
Hey! I like Clay Paky!! They ussually work flawlesly, and trust me I have them hanging upside down in a club for a whole year before I do any service in them. They just lack some features that would be nice, bu they do have some others, such as having 2 gobo sets per light.
Still not convinced :p its like trying to convince me to use a Zero88 frog.... couldnt think of anything worse!!!! The frog is one of the worst and crappiest desks ever invented...

But, whilst we are talking about desks, anyone used a Colortran Innovator, and what are they like I put one on order for a show next year and was told it was a good desk, but there is only about 3 of em in the country lol
Nope, nenver used a Colotran Innovator, the only Colortran stuff I ever used were ellipsoidals, and they were suprisingly very good! Kinda bigm but I loved them!
Yeha thats what Ive heard from the guy who owns the desk..... I was jut interested to find out if people use em... we dont even have their fixtures out here hahaha

All our fixtures are Strand or Selecon =) or an Australian company called ProLite but their stuff is slightly on the dodgey side, although they are good for schools cuz their gear is dirt cheap!
While I don't do moving lights, or have access to the above fixtures, there is a running fantisy amongst our moving light tech people of doing a show on an aircraft carrier. Have to set up the Coemar Super Sucks (Cycs) just right on the launch system. Just right so that they fail as normal, than work for the moment, go on, than go off again. Turn to the direction of fire, and go full intensity. Turn back to the programmer and kind of blink on and off again. The programmer presses "Go" and launches them off. The things than open up full while being flung off into the ocean and bubble and gurgle down into their just diserves.

Or something like that is the dream.
Hahaha..... :)
They should try what we did down here. One of the major (and I mean major) shows here consists of 4 cranes (the building type...yellow, one leg flamengo looking things) with a huge truss square with about 200 Pars in each and like 20 movers. Well, one year, the cranes were sublet to another guy (some scam to make someone win money) and they weren't very well set up. Things were Ok untill it ran, washing all the floor form beneath one of them. And the nex day, a small gust of wind and down it went! Besides sqquashing to oblivion all the equipment on the truss, othe victims were dimmer racks buried 3ft deep in the soil, squashed Kolorados and such. Funniest thing ever though, the 2 counterweights (2x1ton concrete blocks each) were flung out and fell on top of an Antari HZ3000 smoke machine. Once the blocks were removed, the machine was found...intact! The blocks had a space in the middle and the machine went right in there!!!!!!!

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