Rosco Horizons Macro

I'm running Rosco Horizon as our lightboard. Since we only have the basic version the channel check feature is not available. I have been trying to create a macro that will duplicate this feature, but have had no such luck.

Can someone help?
The Channel Check feature is used for a light check. It goes through each channel, bringing it up to full for a few seconds and then taking it out. The fade time for this and the level for which the light is brought up at can be varied. What i'm looking for is a macro which will bring up the 1st channel at full, and then take it out and bring up the next channel, and so on.
Well, for my ETC board I have a general warm up submaster that may work for you.

I set it up like this:

When I push the bump button channels 1 thru 24 go on to 30%, upfade time is 10, it waits for 30, and downfade time is 5.

I also have 2 macro's, one to turn off the current channel and turn the next one onto 75 and one to turn off the current channel and turn the prior one to 75. This was programed using the light boards "learn" feature, so I couldn't exactly tell you how it was programed, sorry.

I don't know how much of this stuff goes over to the Horizon system, but maybe something like this last one would work...
That is actually where i got the idea from, an ETC board. Unfortunately Horizons isn't that sophisticated.

I have some limited experience with GOLD edition. What I would try in basic is to create a "show" that is just your channel check. Then after you run that you can load your current show.
Otherwise you should be able to fool around with the download version at home to test out different ideas.

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