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Aug 16, 2018
I am assisting a small size performing company and they will be performing at a small outdoor venue. We will be using a couple DMX LED wash lights (no more than 10) and a fogger or two. Around 4-6 channels for each LED fixture. We are currently looking into the software, Show Control System (SCS), for lighting. We want to be able to write lighting cues and play them back just like a regular lighting console. Has anyone had any experience with the software for lighting purposes?

Will I be limited to how many lighting cues I can create?
How many DMX channels will I have access to or limited to?

Nathan Cronic

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Sep 22, 2017
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I authorized the purchase of this software maybe 3 years ago or so to run surface projection.... I've played around with it quite a bit just for fun and what you can do with the software really depends on what version or package you purchase. I purchased "SCS Professional Plus" which gives me 2 Full Universes of control using really any USB to DMX Adapter from ENTTEC. You would have to get at least the "SCS Professional" to give you access to lighting cues, however you only have access to 16 DMX Channels with this version. You would pay ~$50.00 for the additional 2 Universes in the "SCS Professional Plus" package. Also definitely pay attention to your system specifications that will be running the software. To directly answer your questions,

1. Will I be limited to how many lighting cues I can create?

Yes and No. SCS counts all cue types into the maximum number of cues so 20 sound cues and 35 light cues equals 55 used cues in the software. This link has all the features, max numbers, and notes about what SCS can do based on the version you buy. "SCS Professional" and Higher gives you access to a unlimited number of cues in any cue type. Look under "Features", "Cue Limits" in the table on the link below.

2. How many DMX channels will I have access to or limited to?

Anything below SCS Professional does not support lighting output. SCS Professional supports 16 Channels of DMX over USB. SCS Professional Plus and higher supports 2 Universes of 512 Channels over USB DMX. Also on the same link as above, the "Notes" section at the very bottom, listing number 5 gives you the supported USB to DMX devices. (Strongly recommend ENTTEC).
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Jeff Lelko

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Dec 13, 2014
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Will I be limited to how many lighting cues I can create?
How many DMX channels will I have access to or limited to?
Hi Eustie, I take it you mean Show Cue System? The product comparison page on the SCS site will tell you the limitation of each type of license, but cues should be unlimited by the time you get to a level of license that includes lighting.

That said, SCS is a terrible program for controlling lights. It’s simply not built with that in mind. Yes, it can handle BASIC control of dimmers and thus intelligent lights, but any of the other mainstream lighting programs on the market will run rings around it. The only benefit to having lighting in SCS is for small theaters or venues that want/need everything bundled into one control interface to be used by one person. Beyond that, use SCS to send MIDI commands to a proper light console or program. That’s what I do with my license of SCS, send playback commands to my ETC desk while keeping audio playback from SCS. Is there anything in particular that drew your interest to SCS? Hope this helps!


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