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smoking trash can

Discussion in 'Special Effects' started by itie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. itie

    itie Active Member

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    so i have to make a poor cities for the next play im doing and there will be homeless people. i think that have a trash can with smoke coming out of it would be a nice effect to do. i have a metal trash can already. i cant remember were i heard it but i know i did, that dry ice smokes well. so i was planing on doing a search on how to make dry ice smoke. but if you guys know of a easier way to get it to look like smoke. please let me know.
  2. DaveySimps

    DaveySimps CBMod CB Mods Premium Member

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    Macomb, MI
    Dry ice may not get the effect that you want since it tends to roll and stay close to the ground. However, there is a lot of info in the search function about it. Perhaps having a small hazer of fogger on a lighter setting in the can will work? There are actual smoke machines available. Since you are only looking to use the effect in a trash can, you may be able to get away with a cheaper / smaller format unit, making it more affordable. All of these units have heaters built, just be careful and do not obstruct them, or else you will be looking at a fire hazard in the making.

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  3. kiwitechgirl

    kiwitechgirl Well-Known Member

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    Sydney, Australia
    Dave is right on - dry ice won't give you the effect you're after, plus it's a PITA to deal with - in solid form it has to be handled very carefully, you need to have proper storage, you have to get it delivered every couple of days as it sublimes away quite fast and it involves using hot water to get the effect. You'd be much better off with a small smoke machine; there are loads of relatively cheap "disco" smoke machines available; when they're on the heating cycle you can't get smoke out of them, unlike proper theatrical smoke machines which will pump smoke all the time, but in your case it shouldn't matter. Unless you get a battery powered one (we have one which was bought for Beauty and the Beast to go in Mrs Potts' costume!) you are going to have to run a power cable and remote control cable to the trash can. There are a few different battery powered ones out there - talk to your local hire company - but they do tend to be fairly small. That may suit your purpose though, as I guess you don't want clouds and clouds of smoke pouring out of the trash can!
  4. ruinexplorer

    ruinexplorer Minion CB Mods Premium Member Fight Leukemia

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    Las Vegas
    If you don't want to buy/rent a fogger, try using FG80 Poof! Smoke In A Can. Here's their description:

    Allows you to haze up a confined area without a Hazer machine. 5 minutes of haze output per can. When sprayed, the droplets spread out to fill the room with an even haze; therefore, it must be used with doors and windows shut, and you must spray enough droplets into the room to be visible when they spread out. The droplets last for almost an hour. This product is great for Halloween parties in areas like rec rooms and basements. Combined with blacklights and strobelights, you'll have the spookiest party around! Spray for one minute every hour. One can lasts for the whole party.

    You can get one of the handles for spray cans to have the trigger on the outside of the can and have the actor spray the fog in the can. Then I'd add a small battery operated fan in the can pointed down to even out the smoke rising from the can. You definitely want to avoid the dry ice for this effect though.
  5. TheDonkey

    TheDonkey Active Member

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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Also watch out which fluid you use, try to find something that "disovles" pretty quick so you get the constant rising of fog instead of a filling fog.

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