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I am doing a play that needs a lot of sound effects. I was wondering if there was a web site that has a lot of good sound effects. Also I don’t have any money to spend so the sound effects need to be free.
Free sound effects are hard to find, if not non existant. Try recording your own.
One sound that hapends a lot is an old car coming down the street. It is had to record that myself. but thanks for the suggestion.
they are out there.... if you have a bit of scratch to spend is a great site....
Hopefully it's not too late, but:
That site is absolutely amazing. However, you may have to mess with the sounds to get what you want. For example, I needed an old fashioned door buzzer, so I had to take a buzz from there, copy it about 20x(with some overlapping so it didnt cut out), put some filters on it, shift the pitch, and put a slight reverb on it to get it to sound right.
Just to a google search of "free sound effects". You'll get a couple of good sites.

Be careful of what you download, though. Make sure that you scan it first (I've downloaded undesirable items before when looking for sound effects... usually when I was in a hurry and careless).

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