Favorite Speaker brand

  • EV

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Makie

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Behringer

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yahmaha

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Peavey

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Squier

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 22 91.7%

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this is another poll that is just to increase my knowledge.
what do you mean by absent?
My favorite speaker brand is definitely Martin Audio, hence the choice of "other." I just love the way those British cabs sound. I also like EAW and EV as well, but they definitely don't beat the Martins.
So your Supporting someone elses economy, eh? in My opinion, nobody does pro Audio like us americans.
And you are supporting someone else's economy by using your keyboard to type in that useless response.
EAW for sure. Those KF750 and the column arrays sound great. My school has a pair of the sb284c cinema subwoofers that sound pretty good too.
Hmm, doesn't look like JBL made your list. The VerTec line Arrays sound absolutely amazing, and I've had no problems with the installed JBL speakers in my high school.
I'd have to say I'm a JBL fan. The VerTec array sounds great, and with the addition of the 4888DP (DrivePack, or powered Line Array Speaker) the portability and ease of use of the system is beyone compare. Simple rigging architecture makes it a breeze to fly, I can't really say enough about it.

And the SRX series dual-18s are just insane.

On a side note however, I'm also a fan of the EAW kF650 boxes for smaller shows, even the 750s with the right processing.
The QSC HPR powered deals, I haven't used them personally, but they're awesome. One of the local companies might be getting six of the powered subs and six of the powered top boxes. Also JBL (esp. the VerTec and the DrivePack deals) and PAS. I heard some PAS deals this weekend that were awesome. The ones I worked with had dual 15" speakers, and then a 2" compression driver horn coming out of the middle of the top 15". The bottom 15 acted as a sub, the top 15 was full range, and the compression driver horn carried the highs nicely. We had four of them per side at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. It was awesome. The speakers were really good.
In addition to what I said there, my church has JBL two-ways, and we're probably getting the VerTec line array with a Soundcraft GB8 console! I'll have to come back to see that.
I like JBL and EAW. Most of the speakers I've been around are EAW's and I haven't had complaints really. All I have been around with JBL is the SRX series and they haven't disappointed. As RelativeMischief the dual 18 cabinets are insane. Its really fun to put a piece of paper along the massive port they have attempting to hold it tight. The paper stands no chance due to the amount of air they move, it makes a pretty loud flutter.
I'm sorry you feel that way about Soundcraft CURLZ, I have managed to get some pretty good mixes out of the Series TWO our youth group has. I didn't even use L-Acoustics VDOSC to do it.

My point I am trying to make is though the equipment helps someone skilled can get a good mix without having their absolute favourite equipment. I apologize if this was viewed as an attack, it was not intended as such but the use of caps caught my attention.
AVGuyAndy said:
And you are supporting someone else's economy by using your keyboard to type in that useless response.

Useless responses, eh? Speak of the devil?

Personally I'm a JBL guy.
We use a number of speakers, our rental stock includes Mackie's, EV's, Sound Tech's, QSC's and KV2's.

Although relatively new to the market the KV2's are expodentially superior to all the others in clarity, power and reproduction.

If interested you can read more at: www.kv2audio.com
Im a meyer guy my self. We have 2 MTS-4s in our 600 seat theater, and they sound amazing, clear, and are also amainzly accurate. Plus they have breakers and limiters, so are very forgiving, which is good because in educational theater, you always have new people who occasionlly froget things.
Four JBL Eon G2's with two JBL EON G2 PowerSubs with slay just about anything. They make KICKASS monitors too.

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