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I'm lighting a concert at my school fairly soon, and I was told to put in several specials to "liven things up." Unfortunately, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what won't look hokey. I figure that our moving mights swirling around the theatre would look kind of cool, but I'm at a loss for what else to put in. We have upwards of 200 lights, so just about anything is doable. Thanks for any help you can give me.
well, what kind of music is being played? if its classical you might wanna try and put specials on the piano, violin, or whatever the main instruments are, so you can fade the stage and just have that, or what ever it is for your show. if its more rock stuff, you can set up some circuits of red, blue, or whatever else and flash the stage or the audience, or both.
You have two hundred lights? Ok. What kind? What you do with a par can and an automated figxture are two different stories.

If this is a talent show type thing or something, rock concert, etc, you can have some fun with something like an R339 (hot pink) or an R343 (neon pink). R69 (bright blue) is also good. Depending on what you're using, rig up some par cans along the perimeter and alternate them pink/blue/pink/blue, patch 'em up to one channel per color, and you can run a simple cycle type effect alternating between the two. Have fun, this is a good place to be creative.

If it's a more subdued concert (e.g. the school band or something) throw up a nice bright wash (an R08 and/or an R02 does good for this, usually), and then throw hot spots on key singers, instruments, etc.
I did lighting for a talent show, we had some josh groban music, some BSB, and some country. Had alot of fun with it.

What kind of intellgent lights do you have? Different models do way different things. Are you planning on timing it to the music? Do you have the ability to use MIDI?

Be creative, I watched a whole bunch of music videos and got ideas from there. Hey, it works!
Possibly too late.
Some gobos look cool too, such as bars or weird abstract shapes in a distinct color.

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